Mainstream media says Chinese EVs are destroying legacy auto

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32 thoughts on “Mainstream media says Chinese EVs are destroying legacy auto”

  1. Yes! Mexico has no environmental protesters! They just have hoards of criminal cartels that kidnap you, demand ransom, and when they get it, they cut your head off and hang your body from a bridge!

  2. Nobody knows what will happen in the next 5 years in the American market but it sure will be interesting. Who knows maybe in the end Ford and GM will merge. For sure no large auto maker is going to sit back and watch Tesla dominate the EV market. Big competition for Tesla is already coming.

  3. Jeeps are too expensive for China. Cheap junky electric vehicles are okay for China. The Chinese EVs could never sell in the U S.A. Nobody in the U S.A. drives a Chinese EV – junk

  4. Legacy auto is in a technology bubble because they are accountable for intellectual property theft. Chinese manufacturers are not. They have ripped off a lot from Tesla and they innovate in top of it. The flood of Chinese vehicles into the EU is not a good thing. It is the result of theft. China mistreats their workers and has no respect for intellectual property. We should block them at the ports. EV’s are a Trojan horse.

  5. The Z score of Stellantis is currently 1.15. same as GM. Tesla Z score is 8.93—->Any Z score less than 1.8 means that the company is in financial distress and a high probability of going bankrupt. A Z score of 3.00 and greater means a company is unlikely to go bankrupt

  6. Lets not forget that China produces 60% of worlds ev batteries for the biggest brands and continues to increase in market share. Batteries represents 40% of the total car value. Companies in China will remain a big winner regardless of which car brands win in the long run as long ev adoption continues to accelerate.

  7. Problems with this company in China(and out of China of course) has been long existed, they chose to ignore, the electrification is just accelerating the process, they just make what they want to make, not what consumers want, and blame that the customers don't understand what a real car is. This company is just a bunch of bureaucracy losers: FIAT, CHRYSLER, CITROEN, PEUGEOT, none of them is competitive in the legacy realm.

  8. MB and VW and . . . Tesla

    Tesla made huge mistake entering China. China always favors local companies and destroys foreign companies.

    Tesla cars will lose in China they can't beat the Chinese government

    Foreign countries can't sell EVs in China because huge subsidies on locals.

    Also Chinese EV makers not higher tech or fewer issues

  9. I know this is a stretch but all the American companies need to come together change their name to one company and start pushing out electric vehicles under one Banner if GM Ford Mazda dodge etc. all come together right now and become one company they can change the world

  10. Many companies goes down. To many companies on the market. only the big once will surive. As a Buisness guy. Put the customers first, the employees secound, and die shareholders third. And not the shareholder first. the you are loosing.

  11. Also still really disappointed in Nissan, who basically pioneered the mass availability of an EV with the Leaf, had worldwide success, but never further developed the technology and advanced it for future products, they could have had several EVs over the last decade already, but currently have a new EV crossover finally but can barely get it out of the gate. Nissan must be having the same problems as Cadillac and Hummer…

  12. European and US and even Japanese automakers made a deal with Devil years ago, trying to make money. Now they pay the price. As for individuals like this electric viking guy… Are you sure the future is so bright for you as a person? As they say, be careful what you wish for.

  13. Don't forget, it was the evil communist party in China that tackled pollution by applying incentives and convince for EVs to help boost the local market.

  14. Lost in Translation ! euro Asian Culture Differences Created Expectations that the m.b.z. inference Chip did not account For ! Some Markets are Easier then others and Some are Very Difficult !.

  15. In general Chinese manufactures like MG are pretty bad at SW and definitely worse than VW. The leading manufacture of affordable electric cars is probably Hyundai with their Kona Electric. Provided they can make money and actually produce the cars they have a bright future ahead.

  16. The European car makers have been making a killing in China for decades. Now the tables are about to be turned the Europeans will pull up its drawbridge.

  17. Another preacher of electric vehicles that can run without any infrastructure to support it. Until charging is accelerated and and charging stations are as common as picture chemical stations electric vehicles will be worthless. Electric vehicles are too dependent on a infrastructure that is already collapsing under age and extreme overloads. Plus in large parts of the world including China there are hundreds of thousands of square miles where there is no power grid in existence. All that has to be recognized. Until it is electric vehicles will remain a rich man's toy and not a practical daily vehicle

  18. can't wait for when CCP steals tesla's FSD training code akin to the multi billion dollar f35 hack to juice the J20 program and NIO and 5 other local brands magically leap ahead in level 5 driving autonomy using Government encrypted QR code road marking assistance across the country to augment their copycat QR code AI inference which foreign companies like tesla and its FSD will be prohibited from decrypting fully…..

  19. Buying an EV is more expensive than buying a gas car. Who can afford one right now that have equal range than ice cars and charge as fast. How about producing some kind of filter to capture pollutants from combustion? It certainly would cost less than making an EV. As we get closer to 2030 2035, how much will my car worth on the used car market? Hundreds of millions of car will go to the garbage? How much of the materials will be recycled? Will the car makers buy back our gas cars? More issues have not been answered. All that doesn’t sound encouraging to me.

  20. EV's are boring, and cannot be recycled, use limited minerals and Switzerland just announced there is not enough electricity for people to use EV's GAS engines to the RESCUE.

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