Market share of Chinese vehicles In China hits RECORD

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31 thoughts on “Market share of Chinese vehicles In China hits RECORD”

  1. China is going to dominate the electric car market like with the mobile phone market. Remember all the old mobile phone makers , Ericsson, Nokia, Siemens , LG , HTC, Blackberry, all gone now and taken over by Chinese companies like OPPO, Huawei. Oneplus, Xiomi ect same gonna happen with the car market.

  2. ..How much do you want to lose?

    ,.,Russia is in bed with China.. chinese stocks…SELL, SELL, SELL!! Don't be a traitor to the U.S. It's blood money. companies must share their profits with the communist party.

    .China's covid today is worse than in 2020.

    Just like in 2020, covid starts in China and will spread all over the world.

    With Biden in charge instead of Trump, there will be a 100% lockdown sooner.

    Covid in China is worse than in 2020. UK has a covid spike. FAAMG are the safe covid stocks.

    Alibaba and Tencent layoff 20%, they must be having financial trouble which doesn't match their financial statements; the world has shortages so you'd think they'd hire more people to make products instead of laying off workers.

    Don't give America's enemies the time of the day let alone your money.

  3. I read about a man in his 50s that started investing in stocks, then retired in 2years with over $6million, that right there is my utmost goal and I'd really appreciate clues and tips on how to reach this goal within 5years

  4. The Chinese government didn't just "guess" electric vehicles would be the future when it started subsidizing such vehicles several years ago (about 3:55 of the video). Air pollution in its large cities is or was so bad the national government was forced to try to promote the production of vehicles not powered by internal combustion engines.

  5. I guess, Chinese gov. pushed for NEVs to decrease oil dependence with goal to transition transport from imported and poluting oil, to non poluting NEVs. Thats good strategic decision.

  6. This seems a bit odd as a lot of other reports including Tesla say they will be down on production numbers due to Chinese COVID lock downs – your figures thus have to be.looked over in some detail. Tesla is down to about 760 today so if you like your numbers buy in big time.

  7. Big market share, but what’s some of those companies profit margins?! They could tell more than anyone but it doesn’t help them if they aren’t making better profit than everyone else… you should do a video on that I haven’t seen that yet but I’m sure you already have?

  8. If they are HYBRIDS, you should not include them and give the pure EV number. Come on!!!! In 5 years most the HYBRIDS will no longer sell very much!!!!

  9. As much as I hate to admit , Chinese ev's are really great and only Tesla has an edge on them, all the rest is trailing behind !

  10. Jeremy Clarkson has some responsibility in legacy auto denigrating Chinese cars of all kinds. Certainly, the Chinese market was in its infancy at the time, but he was very hard about quality when, even then, the best Chinese cars were better built than many legacy European cars, some of whose manufacturers have become history already. Now it's too late for some of the big American, European and Japanese names. Some of them will also be history within the next decade, if they don't get their fingers out and d something meaningful, for once.

  11. It was not too many years ago that many Chinese car mfrs were copy cats and the laughing stock of the car industry. Legacy auto makers will soon cry to death that they are beaten by Chinese car mfrs.

  12. China changes at a speed that makes your head spin. I moved here 6 years ago and at that time BYD was considered garbage and a BYD driver was a low-class person.

    The driving style here is pretty rude and often you have to "force" yourself into the traffic or change lanes. I was about to do that one time but my wife said "don't do that. It is a BYD. Those drivers don't care. They are countryside people".

    3-4 years ago the women of the family asked me to do some research and test drive cars and recommend something for them. I took the job seriously and ended up recommending Roewe EVs without understanding that it was just a polite gesture toward me. They all went and bought German cars.

    Now, only a few years later, we have invested in BYD and my wife wants a BYD dolphin because her co-workers drive them too.

    At the same time NIO, HiPhi, and HongXi have become the luxury cars of choice for those who can afford them. (I didn't forget Tesla, but wanted to focus on Chinese cars)

  13. I do wonder if your channel would grow faster if you did one video a day. Most of the large channels seem to do that, and combine items. I may be wrong but I'm fairly sure I've heard them say the algorithm punishes you for putting out multiple videos in a day. Might be worth looking into as your content is good and it'd be nice to see you hit 100K.

  14. I don’t consider BYD as legacy but at any rate China is an awakening giant and I’m in awe of it’s ability to pivot.
    Look out world ! Chinese EV are here ?

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