Jack gives an idiot’s guide (as in, a guide delivered by an idiot) to the Chinese car makers that are looking to branch out into western markets in the coming months. Who are they, what are they about, and when will you be able to buy one? Check out the video to find out.

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31 thoughts on “Meet the affordable Chinese cars coming to your country soon”

  1. Chinese car makers can do well just with its domestic market
    They don’t really need the rest of the world

    But it will be our loss not to get some of these cars

  2. I have a relatively skeptical view on Chinese auto makers' entering into Western markets. People used to say the same thing about the many Chinese smartphone manufacturers like Xiaomi when, ultimately, the only ones that broke into foreign markets were those looking to capitalize on the relatively high prices of those markets like Huawei and OnePlus. IF we start seeing Chinese cars hit Western markets I expect it would be in very limited numbers, probably largely limited to Europe (Chinese auto makers keep saying they have plans to expand into the U.S. but then never do – once again similar to how Xiaomi did with its smartphones…), and will likely limit the models it ships internationally to higher cost point models. I would love a $25 – $30k Tesla killer from China but realistically I don't think we'll see anything like that any time soon.

  3. I’m feeling decent today please could I get the electrical scooter you don’t know how much it will help me in my day to day life ?

  4. I cannot recall the car, it might be BYD, either way it was was ¥90,000, which is around £10,500. Yet on the continent, it had been marked up to equiv. £60,000 (¥513,689). So, I do not believe all the hype that cheap cars are coming. This is still about companies trying to make as much off the consumer as possible. Surely if their intent was pure to offer cheaper quality EV, then the exchange rate would be the simple currency, will the obligatory import tax. Sorry, still sceptical that Chinese manufacturers will help bring costs down.

  5. Just want an affordable ev with a good spec. Well done China – again you show western govts what can be done and what we want.

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