EV makers are in trouble. mg4 ev long range 64kwh owner review
Today I bought another MG electric car.
I have been driving EV’s for over 6 years and my last electric car was MG5 which was a great car but this new MG4 is even better value for money family car.
All-New MG4 EV is fully-electric hatchback family car. With up to 281 miles of electric range* and two battery options, standard features include a 10.25″ colour touchscreen with Apple CarPIayTM and Android AutoTM , MG iSMART app connectivity, and our MG Pilot suite of driver assistance systems, making MG4 EV the no compromise electric car.

The car I bought is the MG4 standard range SE with 64kWh battery.

I have to say other EV car makers are in trouble as this EV is going to be a game changer for electric car industry.

MG4 offers great price, tech, practicality and range

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30 thoughts on “MG4 Owners, Beware: The Chinese Car Revolution Has Begun”

  1. Interesting how few ev reviews for cheap Chinese cars completely miss one critical item, total cost of ownership or value for money. In gushing about low capital cost there is no consideration for depreciation which is extremely high for these cars. The newest independent reports also indicate a poor record of reliability which also results in higher total cost of ownership compared to quality built evs.

    Also impacting on value for money is the poor technology integration. For example, would you buy a smart phone for which you cannot update the operating system?

  2. On one utube video I watched there are no wheel arch plastic linings
    This will cause drag on the mg4,
    I think the mg4 se long range is best than the top spec mg4 as the rear spoiler on the back of the top of the range mg4 reduces the mileage by 10 miles, ???

  3. Dariusz mam pytanie odnosnie ev Mg. Czy orientujesz się w jaki sposób jest zrobione ogrzewanie? Czy maja one pompę wody cyz jakoś czysto elektronicznie?
    Nawiazując do naszej wcześniejszej rozmowy czy kozę widziałeś wnętrze faceliftowego Mg ev5? Dla mnie bomba jedno z ładniejszych obecnie aut.

  4. I see they still haven't sorted the speed recognition out yet, flashing away at you as its not differentiating national speed limit of 60mph, to 70 on dual carriageways and motorways. It didn't have a clue on the one I drove it couldn't get any right.
    I test drove the trophy, lovely drive to be fair, but the one I tested already displayed software faults at 135 miles on the clock.
    I was on the verge of placing an order but too many issues surfacing at the moment, I'll wait for a while. I hope you enjoy your new car though.

  5. No one pedal driving and no air vents in the rear or any usb ports is pretty poor. Also bad placement of the cup holders as you hit the shifter shelf as it sits above it . Seems every reviewer has not liked that . No front boot is a mistake and no arm test or cup holders in the rear

  6. I am looking at a mg4 and I have the doubt between the standard model with LFP battery or the comfort with NCM battery.
    The LFP are safer, and can be charged to 100% but they give a little less autonomy. But they start to degrade after 3,000 charge cycles.
    The NCM advise charging them to 80% and not go on to less than 20% to extend batery life. They can do about 1,500 charge cycles before degrading.
    I calculate that at 100 km/h with the standard you can do about 230 km and with the comfort about 265 km.
    What is your opinion?
    And which batery you'll choose?

  7. There's no doubt that it's a nice car.
    But just because some Chinese people buy the MG name and stick it on a car, doesn't make it an MG.
    If swiss watch makers Rolex went bust and Timex bought the name and stuck Rolex on their watches, it still wouldn't make it a Rolex.
    And I'm an ex real MG owner from 40 years ago ;-))…

  8. This so called 'MG' is a low quality 100% CHINESE product that may look great on paper and ok in the flesh when new, but we all know every metal bolt and electrical connector is MADE IN CHINA and will struggle to last 18 months without failure.
    False economy to by cheap Chinese products.

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