The BYD Atto 3 Is Coming To The UK by the end of the year (Carbuyer)

First Bus places order for 193 electric buses aided by government funding (Forecourt Trader)

Shock as AXA Insurance admits staging fake Tesla battery fire (Insurance Business)

2023 Polestar 2 pictured in the Alps with a subtly facelift design (Autocar)

CITROEN AMI “this vehicle is limited to 28mph” STICKERS AVAILABLE NOW!

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27 thoughts on “More CHINESE CARS for the UK? [EV News – Week 36 2022]”

  1. The self-proclaimed expert is one again, pushing the Chinese regime. It's about time you looked into British built cars such as the MG 4 EV and the MG ZS EV. But no you won't, because you're too deep into Chinese conglomerate pockets such as SAIC.

  2. The ami is too slow, doesn't go far enough on a charge, has no real working windows and is not protective enough. They should change that and bring them to the U.S, because they would make a lot of money here

  3. The Chinese will do to the UK car market what the Japanese did to the UK Motorbike market in the 60's and 70's unless we get a move on. They already process all the battery grade Lithium in the world and make most of the batteries. CATL's new 3C and 6C batteries are streaks ahead of the competition and the cars that BYD and others make are very compelling and not just on price. IMHO Brexit has dealt the UK car industry a real blow and if we are not careful China will finish it off.

  4. I’m tremendously excited about the BYD coming to the U.K., I’m looking forward to telling the wife about it this evening. I expect we’ll be that overwhelmed with excitement we’ll likely need to be sedated.

  5. As much as I admire the electrification and clean-up of buses they need some radical thinking about the short wheelbase design which is horribly uncomfortable and wastes space as it was designed around rear-engined diesel vehicles. Pushing the wheels out and having four wheel steering would give a comfortable ride and be just as manoeuvrable but I fear the old design is cast in stone.

  6. As you say at 2:13, it is a shame that BYD is saying that the Atto 3 will be smallest car it offers in the UK. It is a crossover more than 4.4m long. The new BYD Dolphin ? is about 4metres long, so a super mini or subcompact about the size of the Honda Fit/Jazz. The Dolphin gives priority to rear seat space over boot space. That might appeal to people who occasionally need to transport adult passengers.

  7. Interesting bit on electric buses, my local area is covered by different councils. Within a few miles one council is going for a Bus Gate and one a CAZ both on main roads with cameras to support fines. The Bus Gate will do what it says at peak times – are you a bus (any type) pass, other traffic including EVs that's a fine.

    Both locations breach the NOx levels at peak times, so that's the reason both councils are working up the schemes. If the Bus Gate was modified to encourage electric buses, it would make a lot more sense. Public transport needs to go electric for the real and symbolic benefits of doing so to wider acceptance of EVs.

  8. I love watching your blogs,it saves me hunting for the info . As for Chinese cars unless the conspiracy theories are right and everything has been tempered with to stop when they instruct it too, am I botherd, no where handmade comes down to cost, if we were as cheap as them we would be making it.

  9. A lot of people are still unwilling to face the fact that the only way the takeover of world leadership by China can be prevented is by a large nuclear war. In real terms (i.e. not dollar exchange rates based on US de facto control of the West) the Chinese economy is already much bigger than the US one, and the damage caused to the West by American sanctions on Russia is accelerating the trend.
    The UK is now a small, unimportant medium sized country which has deliberately lost its friends, so is wide open to a gradual Chinese (and Indian) takeover. I suspect in a longer timescale – say 10 years – buying Chinese is a safer bet than buying European, as the Chinese will build up supply and support networks while the EU will continue to disinvest in the UK.
    You may not like it, but at some point the facts on the ground have to be recognised.

  10. I'm pro electric bus too. As much as I don't enjoy the bus stops being every 100 metres in Edinburgh they seem to be the answer. A Euro 6 diesel bus emits 10 times less NOx per passenger/km than a Euro 6 diesel car and can take up to 75 cars off the road. Electric buses even better.

  11. Whaaaat not everything on the internet is true ?. The Atto 3 is not of direct interest however provided the price is not inflated for the UK market it will help to put downward pressure on the inflated prices that the likes of VW and Stellantis are charging.

  12. The Atto 3 is an ideal size for what I'm after and if less than 35k ( fingers crossed close to 30k) I'd put in an order. Hopefully they sort out a good dealer network in the UK and don't do mistakes as happened in Australia.

  13. I want an inexpensive EV. If it means the size of e-Up and limited range of 200km, that would still be good enough for my daily use. I don't mind charging the car every night at my garage.

  14. 2 videos this weekend your spoiling us! Great update on new cars. The Chinese are taking over the whole market most of the ev battery’s come from China for most manufactures anyway am I correct in saying ? We loved our MGZS ev although clear cost cutting (paint ) for example did concern us long term. The bus ev schemes a brilliant idea the bus runs the same route so putting the infrastructure in to reduce emissions. Did you see an article they have now officially linked lung cancer to poor air quality that was released this weekend interesting a topic close to my heart after losing a family member. Ps I love my Chinese I phone ?. Keep up the great content

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