Most Affordable Chinese EV Cars Under $25000

Since last July, the world’s largest electric car market has been dominated by a little-known carmaker in southwest China, which almost every month exceeds the sales of more prominent players and even Tesla Inc. with a tiny electric car that starts at just $ 4,500.
Hongguang Mini is the spiritual child of SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co., a joint venture between SAIC Motor Corp. and Guangxi Automobile Group Co., two state-sponsored automakers, and US giant General Motors Co.

Based in Liuzhou, famous for its limestone mountains and river snail soup, the company, which has sold about 270,000 cars in nine months, making it the best-selling electric vehicle in China, has even greater ambitions for the future. Its goal is to sell 1.2 million vehicles a year next year, which is almost equal to the number of electric cars that Chinese carmakers produced in 2020 combined.

It’s an eye-catching target, but even before the Hongguang Mini, Wuling had a record in producing market winners, defining a new era of driving. Founded in 2002, the Sino-US JV built its own company to sell micro-horses: reliable draft horses with sliding doors, which earned the nickname “breadwinner” in Mandarin and were the best-selling passenger car in China in 2017. Millions of them drive on country roads, used by both contractors and van drivers.

Let’s take a look at TOP 10 Chinese Electric Cars that Can Outsell Tesla Models in China within 2-5 Years. Are you ready to dive in? Sit back and relax when we take you through the list of some mind-blowing vehicles.

1. EV300.
Power: 218. Top speed: 150 km / h. Range: 300 kilometers. Price in $: 23,000.
BYD is known abroad as a maker of electric vehicles, but in China, the company is famous for its inexpensive compact cars and blazingly fast hybrids. The BYD EV300 was just their second fully electric car, it has since been followed by a third, and the fourth is on the way. The EV300 is based on the BYD Qin, a 303 hp hybrid sedan.

2. Changjiang EV eCOOL
Changjiang EV is a new manufacturer of electric cars; they also manufacture electric buses and vans. The eCOOL is their first passenger car, developed mainly for young people living in cities. Many electric vehicle manufacturers cater to young people, emphasizing low running costs and attractive incentives. Green awareness is on the rise in China, but it’s still not a central selling point.

3. Dongfeng S500-EV
Small and compact people carriers are top-rated in China, especially among families. Many Chinese automakers are developing EV versions now, and the Dongfeng S500-EV is the first compact electric minivan to hit the market, but many more are on the way. The seven-seater S500-EV is based on the best-selling petrol Fengxing S500.

Power: n / a. Top speed: 160 km / h. Range: 350 kilometers. Price in $: 30,000.
Qoros is a brand managed entirely by Western experts, building cars in a joint venture with Chery. The brilliantly named Qoros 3 Q • ELECTRIC is their first electric car, based on the Qoros 3 Sedan, with additional transverse elements like black wheel arches and increased ride height. Pieces of turquoise are almost too trendy, but many car buyers love these kinds of EV decorations.

5. Brilliance V3 EV
Brilliance has a successful joint venture with BMW, and they also manufacture a range of cars under their own names, which are decidedly less successful. The V3 crossover, launched in mid-2015, is a rare exception, accounting for more than half of Brilliance’s sales. No wonder then that Brilliance has developed an electric version, which should soon hit the market.
Top 10 chinese EV cars

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