I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the car I drive, so I thought I’d make a video detailing my little “Riich M1”, an awesome feature packed, cheap but reliable Chinese car


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  1. Barely 2 years at the time he said and he's saying its good lol, a good car will not break down in 20 let alone in barely 2 years, chinese brands are garbage.

  2. If your A/C compressor keeps going out it's because they are not doing the full job, which includes the condenser, receiver dryer, all the other components of the system that are visible under the hood in particular needs to be replaced when doing a compressor otherwise all the crap that's in the system gets re introduced into your new compressor Everytime and that's why it keeps breaking! Love your channels!

  3. One of my employees has this car and I loved trading my big western car with him. I used to drive Minis, the old ones, in the UK and his car was a blast. I'm in a Jeep Cherokee now but with the family I needed a bigger car.

  4. Standard power windows, brakes and steering and air conditioning add to the price of a car sold in the USA along with expensive safety devices like airbags. Most cars sold here are now being financed for six years.

  5. The best cars are in EUROPE and you say that many fictures are optional in EUROPE like hydraulic power stearing!!! You are no clue what you are talking about! and by the WAY chinese car including the piece of shit you have are HORRIBLE in every way possible!!

  6. ahh the jucy emotional comments are even more interesting than the video. china makes no original products only copys. nah the only bad thing china made was invent the gun printing press paper and compass that brought europe out of the dark ages.

  7. wow, just $7900 US dollars. That is very affordable. Remember, a car is more of a liability. If it's bought brand new at an affordable price, looks nice, good fuel mileage, and gets u from point A to point B, then u got yourself a sweet deal!

  8. Same here in the UK, just about everytime I take my car to the supermarket it gets another dent/scratch. It might be an idea to show us what the engine looks like and a tour as if we were to buy the thing.

  9. the aspect ratio of the video is wrong, for those who want to see this right , copy the youtube address and open it with VLC player then set aspect ratio to 16:9.

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