I finally got out and shot a short vid showing my car that I recently purchased here in Manta.
I bought the car at Ambacar here in Manta. It’s a 2023 Soueast DX-3, made in China that has a Mistibushi 1.5 Ltr motor with a 5-speed manual transmission.

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If you can’t walk on water, freeze it


The views expressed in this video are in no way intended to be taken as advice on retirement, migrating to Ecuador, investing, buying insurance, or getting your immigration documentation.
I am not responsible for any decision you make after watching my videos.
I don’t give advice and I don’t recommend anything unless it is based on my own personal, verifiable experience.

I want to be sure that the information I provide is accurate information and I don’t want people to make a poor choice based on anything I say.
If one person comes here based on my influence and doesn’t like it at all, then has to return to start all over again, I have failed.


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