The Neta U is an electric compact crossover produced by Hozon Auto after 2019 under the Neta (Nezha) brand.
Hozon Auto launched the Neta U during the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show in April 2019, with the pre-sale price range ranging from 150,000 to 210,000RMB (~US21,698 – US$30,377) including subsidy in Chinese market. Hozon’s Neta U crossover was built on Hozon Auto’s EPT2.0 platform, which is Hozon’s second generation powertrain platform
The Neta U was originally previewed as the Hozon U pre-production concept at launch and was changed to Neta U in August 2018
The power of the Neta U comes from a front positioned electric motor producing 150 hp and 310 Nm, mated to a battery pack capable of a range up to 500 kilometers
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