The world’s largest EV maker BYD took the stage today to announce its new e⁴ quad-motor platform for performance vehicles, the first of which – a big 5-meter electric offroad SUV, and a fast hypercar – will be launched under the newly minted Yangwang brand. Unlike AWD solutions on gas-powered cars, the e⁴ platform allows for independent adjustments of the torque and vectoring of each wheel down to the millisecond timeframe, thus increasing stability, grip, and offroad capabilities.

The Yangwang U8 SUV demonstrated that when it came onto the stage in a crabwalk manner, while in the case of a tire explosion, the three remaining wheels can adjust their torque multiple times per second until the vehicle stops safely. Given the dearth of truly off-road electric SUVs, the U8 could very well become a unique proposition with its 18 feet long body that can still turn on a dime thanks to the independent torque vectoring of the wheel motors. The BYD SUV will be available first at a price equivalent of US$145,000.

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Translated titles:
Nuevo BYD Yangwang U8-Único AWD EV SUV Con 1,100HP | Especificaciones y características de diseño

Neu BYD Yangwang U8-Einzigartig AWD EV SUV mit 1.100 PS | Designspezifikationen und Funktionen

Nouveau BYD Yangwang U8-Unique AWD EV SUV Avec 1 100 CV | Spécifications et caractéristiques de co

Novo BYD Yangwang U8-Exclusivo AWD EV SUV Com 1.100HP | Especificações e recursos de design

Ny BYD Yangwang U8-Unik AWD EV SUV Med 1.100HK | Design specifikationer og funktioner

Nieuw BYD Yangwang U8-Uniek AWD EV SUV Met 1.100 PK | Ontwerpspecificaties en functies

Uusi BYD Yangwang U8-Ainutlaatuinen AWD EV SUV 1 100 hv | Suunnittelun tiedot ja ominaisuudet

Nuovo BYD Yangwang U8-Unico AWD EV SUV Con 1.100 CV | Specifiche e caratteristiche di progettazione

新しい BYD Yangwang U8-ユニーク AWD EV SUV 1,100HP |設計仕様と機能

Новый BYD Yangwang U8-Уникальный AWD EV SUV С 1100 л.с. | Характеристи


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