NEW Chinese owned car company will build EV factory in the US

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32 thoughts on “NEW Chinese owned car company will build EV factory in the US”

  1. Impossible when US will ban the heck out of these Chinese manufacturers.
    BYD aren't even opening vehicle manufacturimg there, because their buses manufacturing are in processing been cobbled

  2. Laying down $500 on a peorder which you've never seen in person, never test driven, which has no test record, no safety rating, leaves me shaking my head. Who's going to fix yours?

  3. If I am the guy shelling out thousands of dollars for an EV, I would want the best EV, best value for my dollars. It would matter whether the company that sold it was Chinese , German, Swedish or otherwise.

  4. If the car is manufactured in the USA and has comparable quality and similar specifications as a Tesla I would consider the vehicle. I have a Cyber Truck on order as well as a Rivian.

  5. I own 180,000+ shares in Geely since 2005. This news on building an EV factory in the US came out 6 months ago. This is not current news.

  6. I like the idea of a Euro/ Asian/ US car. And not for the usual reasons. First the European part brings the Cache'. People pretend that this does not matter to them, but I think it does. If you made the exact car as the Polstar 2 but it is branded Great Wall Motors rather than Volvo .. I don't think it would be as popular. Second the Asian component, among other things, brings the technology and software side together, whereas the US and Euro legacy brands seem to be having trouble getting this aspect under control. And making it in the USA will insure that there are parts available. I know, electric cars don't need as many parts as ICE vehicles, but when something breaks and you have to wait for parts from half way around the world .. it is an issue.

  7. There are a lot of China haters in the US who vow never to buy a “CCP car” (even as they load their mega-SUV with Chinese-made goods from Walmart). But they’re probably outnumbered by people who just want a sensible, quality, affordable EV, no matter where the brand is headquartered.

  8. It was my understanding that Geely/Volvo plans an IPO of Polestar so it will no longer be wholly owned by Geely. Surely Geely would likely keep a majority stake in Polestar after their IPO, but it would be a different ownership arrangement if that happens.

  9. Gm, Ford and Chrysler didn't want to build them and are still lying and dragging their feet so the Chinese will. Sandy Monroe warned us but……………

  10. Of course there's no problem buying Chinese EVs since legacy is untrustworthy and unreliable, and of course Tesla is preferred since the Tesla standard is above all others.

  11. @The Electric Viking: I live near Charleston South Carolina, and it's becoming a major import/export port, since it was recently expanded to accept the new super container ships that can pass through the Panama Canal. There is already a Saudi owned inland port/free trade zone with a second already under construction in the area. They will be able to import parts from China and assemble the cars here, if that could be their plan? South Carolina is also a non-union state, so this car may not qualify for the union incentive either. lol

  12. Why the hell are you covering China's ev industry, companies? You're giving the Chinese free endorsement. Stop mentioning anything Chinese on your channel. China is destroying Australian economy in the first place.

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