New ORA Blackcat 2022 details – Super popular Chinese EV going global?

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40 thoughts on “New ORA Blackcat 2022 details – Super popular Chinese EV going global?”

  1. I just seen a video about the Ora cat which is coming to the UK which I quite like the look of. More the size of an ID3 and will certainly have the Germans worried as I think it will be cheaper with more tech

  2. It's clear that the world is moving towards EV and dependency on fossil fuel for transportation will soon end. As a nation that basks in sun energy, the Australian government is so backward and idiotic to not embrace renewables.

  3. I love the EV revolution, but I’m going to say this in all seriousness. I want to support the Chinese people, but every Company that the Chinese people creates, it eventually ends up in the ccp’s treasure chest. And we know how dangerous the ccp is and are becoming day by day. Just look at their bullying tactic all over the world. So, I, personally would not support buying this car. This is my opinion only. But again, I support the EV revolution. ☮️

  4. It’s extremely plain … it’s not contemporary looking at all, the shape etc .. the girls won’t like it.. they’ll ( (and I too) will look elsewhere . Manufacturers please note.. do I have to say the following very very slowly so it sinks in? Here goes:
    EVs are are a revolution, they are new age, so they must look new age, very very very new age. If they don’t, we don’t want them . This Ora might have a big screen, but everything else is… banal

  5. Weren’t the west supposed to be changing the world for the better? Seems to me the Chinese are doing it all and making ordinary peoples lives better! Wasn’t that supposed to be the roll of crapitalism ?

  6. But the ORA Punk Cat! Please do the Punk Cat. Would I cancel my Plaid Model X reservation for one? Probably not. But I would buy one if I could afford it.

  7. From the outside it looks a lot like SMART EQ forfour knockoff. Which is not a bad thing in my opinion. And it’s got about twice the range. Should be selling pretty well in Europe.

  8. Funny how many ignorant minions out there that are believing CIA funded news channel that China is an evil force when not a single bullet was fired towards any country. These sane minion on the other hand perceives the US as a good guy for bombing and killing millions all over the world including their own natives americans and blacks. Its quite amusing how weak people function mentally. To me China has uplifted billions of people out of poverty by creating opportunities globally and allowing more people to have extra saving by making everything more affordable.

  9. Will be interesting to see how long it takes for AUS to have a full selection of BEV cars/suv's/pickups in the AU$30-50k range. That's what we need for major uptake. Medium/large SUVs and pick-ups in particular. Plus choice.

  10. Complete Honda e design copy. It's really astounding, the near complete inabillity of chinese to come up with own designs. Well, the BYD EA1 might be the exception to the rule.

  11. I don't know why we can't build EV's here in Australia. In fact, I believe there is a company in QLD that is building a very basic EV in small numbers. But why can't we just import the parts from China and assemble them here? Or for that matter, why doesn't Elon Musk put a gigafactory here? Aussies would buy these cars. We don't have our own home grown Holdens and Falcons any more, so why not appeal to Aussies who want an Aussie built car, creating jobs in this country?
    Edit: Correction – the Aussie built EV is called the ACE Urban and it's actually built in Adelaide. Maybe Electric Viking could do a feature on them. They also build other models, like a ute and cargo van.

  12. ABC in Oz have just reported the CPC has stopped BYD's IPO of their chip making company on the NYSE. Did you know they were making chips and do you have any info on this move? I don't know how accurate the report is, in it they described Jack Ma's Ant Group which also had their IPO stopped as a tech company when it's actually a finance company so who knows?

  13. Interesting as always. But your sound has got much worse. Are you using some noise filtering or compression? The background noise you used to have is gone, but instead your voice is cut between each word and sometimes, sometimes even more annoying, between syllables. I'd take the background noise instead every time instead of this new sound.

  14. Wuling Mini Ev has become popular among young chinese women. YTD sales 154,000. Now Ora and Cherry are trying to muzzle into that segment. Their YTD sales 34,000 and 32,000. Will they sell any of these ugly ducklings outside China? very doubtful. BYD Dolphin is a beautiful practical car at $11,000. If only BYD could scale production & marketing.

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