Manufacturing more than 20 million cars domestically, China is the world’s largest producer of vehicles. However, the rather young startup Nio remains one of the very few brands that are known outside of the country and actually sell their cars to the Western markets. Today we will revisit Nio’s lineup once again and will features their latest models and technological achievements.

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#1 2023 Nio ES7

Launched for preorder this summer, 2023 Nio ES7 sits between the brand’s ES6 and ES8 models, but features a new, NT 2.0 platform with permanent magnet and power induction motors.

#2 2022 NIO ET5

Nio ET5 mid-size sedan continues its journey of technological domination in the segment. Moreover, it features a 490 horsepower dual-motor Smart electric drive with 440 miles of range. The model shalle go on sale in fall of 2022.

#3 2022 NIO ES8

2022 NIO ES8 is the headliner of Nio’s European expansion. The car is already on sale in Norway, and it should make it to Sweden, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands by the end of this year.

#4 2022 Nio ET7

Nio chooses to follow the traditional configuration of the lineup also used by the European luxury carmakers. Therefore, the ET7 full-size executive sedan becomes the flagship model of the brand and absorbs all of NIO’s technological achievements.

#5 Nio Battery Power Swap

Besides a solid lineup of electric vehicles, Nio is taking a page out of Tesla’s playbook and simultaneously develops a network of charging stations. Within this NIO power network, there are locations that house the so-called Power Swap 2.0 stations that are subject to 1600 patents.

#6 2022 Nio EC6

2022 Nio EC6 is largely unchanged from past model years, but does get access to Nio’s battery swapping stations with 6 free swaps per months.


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