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When the NIO ET7 debuted, the company claimed its competition wasn’t going to be Tesla, it would be ze Germans. To find out if they lived up to that claim, we borrowed a Mercedes-Benz E-Class and put them head-to-head!

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25 thoughts on “NIO ET7 vs Mercedes-Benz E 350eL // Chinese EV Takes On German Legend”

  1. I really love Nio, but after the hyperscreen of Mercedes, the Tesla style interior looks a bit stale, suddenly. The voice recognition is second to none, though

  2. The introduction made me laugh. "CHINA adopted and developed just like the TVs"? Haha. When did they develop? A better way of saying is STEALING because stealing doesn't cost money to develop. Back in the days, Samsung, LG etc… invested money into China for manufacturing TVs and other products. The Chinese took that opportunity and stole the technologies. They moved on to produce TCL or Heisene as their own brand and sold it cheaper than Samsung and LG. In the mean time, the government began to increase the sales tax on foreigner companies forcing Samsung and LG to lose profits. Same goes with military weapons they stole technologies from other countries as well. Look at Boeing, they want to open a manufacture company in China and the Chinese government want Boeing to share the blue prints. Lol

  3. Longevity is a really debatable attribute when even phones are outdated after 2 model cycles. By the measure of reliability, Scotty Kilmer is absolutely right that he wouldn't buy a BM or Merc because they just aren't reliable. So in the new age of EVs, let's see where the Chinese will stack up in comparison to their traditional rivals.

  4. There is one important feature not mentioned:
    NIO's cars can replace the battery, and the battery is automatically replaced within 5 minutes without getting out of the car.
    What's even cooler is that NIO supports the replacement of batteries of different capacities, which means that you can upgrade your battery at any time after buying a car, and support flexible upgrades by day, month, and year.
    The flexible upgrade means that you choose to buy the model with the smallest battery life, because even the smallest battery life is enough for your daily commute to get off work. Then you can temporarily upgrade your battery capacity for holiday travel (billed by the day), and after the holiday is over, you don't need to continue paying rent when you switch back to a small battery.
    Come to think of it, the battery supports physical replacement, meaning:
    1. Faster charging speed, get a fully charged battery in 5 minutes
    2. Flexible battery capacity strategy, you can temporarily upgrade the battery before going on a high-speed trip. It also only takes 5 minutes, no appointment required
    3. There is no need to worry about the attenuation of the battery. The battery replacement network ensures the health of the battery.
    4. Older vehicles can still enjoy battery packs with the latest technology. The vehicles released by NIO in 2018 can still be replaced with the latest and largest capacity batteries! Think about Tesla in the same period in 2018, it can replace the 150-degree battery in 2023, and the battery life is close to 1000km, how crazy!

  5. I have tried to watch your videos to see the cars that are produced in China and most of them have futuristic designs, a lot of technology and they are electric. How do all these vehicles compete with Teslas? Do people buy more cars made in China or the Telas? you are very handsome

  6. Why is this chinese propaganda channel over and over in my recommendations? This is ridiculous, like the comparison of these cars ?

  7. realy good explained. Nio looks realy good, but has Nio realy also the quality from Mercedes. I am not sure. i personaly will choose a Mercedes model. Maybe also a full electric car from Mercedes.

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