Nissan Sylphy is a successful family compact car of Nissan. Since the first generation of Sylphy entered the Chinese market in 2006, relying on Nissan’s reputation and its own characteristics of low fuel consumption, it quickly attracted the recognition and purchase of Chinese families, and it has been ranked first in car sales for a long time. top ten. Now Sylphy has developed to the fourteenth generation model. The 2023 Nissan model was officially launched in March this year, and its official designation is 119,000-174,900 yuan ($17,308-25,438). The appearance of the mid-term facelift Sylphy has become more youthful and dynamic, and the interior layout has become more modern. It can be said that it caters well to the needs of the Chinese market and consumers. The biggest highlight of this facelift is the super-hybrid electric drive, which is equipped with Nissan’s latest e-POWER, which consists of a 1.2-liter naturally aspirated motor and a maximum public power of 100kw, with a fuel consumption of 3.9L per 100 kilometers. In addition to being equipped with a super hybrid, it also provides a fuel version of a 1.6-liter naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 99kw and a peak torque of 159 Nm.

The above is my introduction to this car, learn more information through the video.