Also spotted a new EV manufacturer today . THIS IS HUGE NEWS as it will shake up the Chinese market especially for XPENG and NIO, I will release a new video on this topic very shortly .

Due to the recent flooding in China , ZhengZhou has introduced a 15000rmb bonus for any private citizen whose car was damaged if they elect to buy an EV as a replacement, I am assuming this is on top of current EV enticements already offered China wide , I am not sure if this particular bonus will roll onto all the other cities flood effected in the Province as the article I read on state media only mentioned ZhengZhou.
*Bonus includes up to 15000rmb
*Free towing for the damage car to the scrap yard
*Waiver on all paper work / licensing / stamp duty ect
This is all on top of what ever insurance the owner already had.
Also a new player has entered the share ride market , T3 has entered into competition with Didi and Cao Cao , this is good news as they have a 100% EV fleet .


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