The owner of Haier Pakistan and Peshawar Zalmi is also the representative of the new car brand MG. He often makes our day with teasers of the latest and hottest MG cars in Pakistan. This time, Afridi has left us in awe with the teaser of a Chinese electric car, the Wuling Mini EV.

It’s a smart electric hatchback that has outsold Tesla Model 3. The best part is that Afridi says this EV is coming to Pakistan soon and will cost less than 1 million rupees. (Say What!?)

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30 thoughts on “Pakistan Main 10 Lakh Sy Neechy Electric Car? | Wuling Hongguang Mini EV | PakWheels”

  1. we are waiting for it , Pak wheel reviewed this car thats mean this will come soon. it will be amazing car especially it is best for daily use and saving fuel energy.

  2. کیا یہ گاڑی پاکستان میں رجسٹر ہو سگتی یے ۔ اس کی رجسٹریشن ( کسٹم ڈیوٹی اور دیگر اخراجات کل ملا کر کتنا خرچہ ہو گا ) کیا پاک ویل والے گاڑی کی رجسٹریشن کروا دیں گے ؟

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