China’s flying car sector is taking off lately with several autonomous aerial vehicles, or AAVs debuting on the global market.

The country began incorporating flying car R&D into the country’s official development plan, hoping to establish a manned and unmanned aviation transportation system by 2035.

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27 thoughts on “Real flying cars: China's AAVs taking off on global market”

  1. Wu maos calm down. You don’t own any stock in this company. And you can’t afford the products. This company has literally nothing to do with any of you.

  2. asia has always been more advanced than the western world. so the development simply follows in the footsteps of an ancient standing tradition. you won't see these in the west for at least 10 years from now.

  3. That's cool, the flying car, finally!
    Only problem is that i see a big security risk with probably a lot of people injured by the spinning blades while trying to get in/out, or just passersby

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