President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday (June 22) that Russia was in the process of rerouting its trade and oil exports towards countries from the BRICS group of emerging economies in the wake of Western sanctions over Ukraine.

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38 thoughts on “Russia's Putin hails Indian supermarkets and Chinese cars when addressing BRICS business forum”

  1. in europe and US instead of work hard to build their countries, they are busy planning propaganda and lie hoping it would work to weaken so called enemies.

  2. Congratulations to Russia for your strength against the cruel and illegal sanctions imposed by the US regime. Success to all the BRICS nations. ??????????

  3. Brics for the future,with real and reliable joint collaborations and fair trades, come Africa,Middle east,asia,South America joint up for a better and brighter future where we can could see real economic growth and prosperity for all .

  4. the brics will win. but the imperialists will loose.
    The Russian Red Army has never lost a war against the empires of lies…Without Russia the WW2 would not have been won….
    Pay in rubles and stop freezing the Assets of the Russian Banks or seffer the consequences of the lack of Russian gas and oil …. more than half of the World with Russia… stop the acts of easy grapping…you do not learn from history because you do not want to.
    Why medias of the empires of lies have never replied against the promises of no nato expansion eastward?because these medias are controlled by the empires of lies. 
    URAAA … URAAA … URAAA… You are the best and with no equal. Give the empire of lies what deserve before they suck all your blood….they are neverever to be trusted as they are fatherless, valueless, family breakers, child kidnappers, foxy scavengers and coward.
    God protect you forever mr. putin.

  5. For the better interest of mankind unlike the EU and America who only think of themselves and steal resources from other countries with military force. Never seen Russia do that

  6. Russia is rebuilding and rebranding themselves, the western companies will loose their foot hold in the Russian market, the Chinese with their Efficient manufacturing and services industry , India with their large supermarket and merchandise products will stand to gain a foot hold in Russia. The Chinese car companies are now quite as capable as the Japanese and western made except they need to carry out branding to be globally accepted.India with their IT skill people, Russia has all the raw material commodities and they have some very brilliant people there. It takes time to change from the west to the east. I am still wondering how much western global companies have lost out with the sanctions being place on themselves

  7. That is rational decision and plan. Adding all central Asia, SE Asia, mideast to BRICS, the GDP and population are already 1/2 of world GDP. BRICS has bright future.

  8. This is why the EU is panicking. Lithuania's blockade is a way to drag Russia into a direct war with NATO.
    Russia can kneecap the EU by cutting off all energy to Europe. They know this, that's why NATO has to find a justifiable reason to directly engage Russia in a war.

  9. Russia needs to grow domestically. When you reroute trade, you always ask yourself what you get in return. From India Cotton and Clothing Products and Some Food Products. So, Russia needs to Grow A Strong Domestic Market in The Upcomming Time, and get russians to work, manufacture, innovate, reverse engineer!

  10. God bless Sir Putin and Sir Xi, Ameen❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️????????????????????????????ZZZZZZZZZ??????????????️?️?️?️?️?️?️??????????????

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