GETTING OVER OURSELVES is often the hardest thing to do… ? Chinese cars are struggling a little in Australia with the OUTDATED stigma that “made in China” means the product is bad…

In this video I’d like to offer my honest private owners thoughts on the quality, supply, and value for money that we get by buying Chinese products – cars included!

We will use my many years of Chinese mobile phone purchasing experience, comparing it to value you get from the overpriced Apple products, speculating that buying Chinese cars in 2022 is a very comparable process.


00:00 – Welcome
00:40 – What this is about?
02:40 – Using Chinese products
03:50 – Chinese Phone example
05:17 – Relating it to cars…
07:35 – Why negative publicity?
08:55 – LDV as example…
10:20 – Summary

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12 thoughts on “Should You Buy a Chinese Car in Australia in 2022? MG private owners opinion!”

  1. I got a Haval H6 Hybrid this last week. I read EVERYTHING about Haval and GWM and their reliability, build and longevity. Close acquaintances who are brand loyal to Japanese cars gave me decent talking down to for doing so. BUT everything I've read, my 10 + test drives of the car pushing it through my daily drive and traffic conditions looking at prices of competitive cars along with features. It was hands down the best decisions I've ever made. People need to look past the stigma's and understand all countries have standards those vehicles need to meet in order to be sold and when most of the Chinese brands now days exceed the 5 star ancap rating. We saved a 48 month wait and $15,000 by not going with a Toyota Rav 4 Cruiser.

  2. Hey mate, just want to say you’re spot on. This stigma about Chinese products, we all use them in every day life and don’t realise. Also about the some reviewers I’ve seen regarding Chinese cars, as mentioned paid by bigger brands to put these cars down. End of the day, take a test drive and judge for yourself and be happy what you drive.

  3. I run MG Australasia and Kia Seltos Australia Facebook pages.
    With 2000 and 3000 members respectively I can give you a fairly impartial overview of customer service experience, reliability and general customer satisfaction across the 2 brands.
    Breakdowns – very much Kia lead here with quite a few engine and many transmission replacements along with rusty mufflers and a myriad of small things – especially paint.
    MG 3 MG ZST have very few problems. The HS initially had some software issues but they seem to be sailing along well now.
    The cheapest ZS had probably had the most problems with some engine, trans and steering columns replaced.
    However overall the win goes to MG for general reliability.
    In saying that the SELTOS is a very reliable car with huge customer satisfaction.
    These kinds of issues would be a pretty standard sample of ANY massed produced car brand.

    Customer service is where the biggest difference is.
    (Not talking dealers here – we all know they are very good and or very bad)
    MG really seem to care more and will go the extra mile to help.
    KIA are stoic and appear to have a stick up their arse sometimes.

    I have a Kia Seltos and an MG ZST. PErsonally I love driving the ZST for its comfort, power and better onboard tech.
    The Seltos is a great car BUT drives like a tank, seats are like rocks and suspension is awesome for racing around corners and bloody shocking driving around the streets of Melbourne.
    When you factor in value for money it becomes a one horse race with MG winning by the length of the straight.
    In conclusion – there are very few on each website NOT loving their cars.

    if you are considering Chinese or ANY brand – do yourself a favour and book a whole day test drive before you fork out the hard earned moola.
    See if you like driving it in your native surrounds.
    IF you are taking MG off your shopping list because they are "Chinese" then think again.
    Most cars are global in nature with many parts.
    MG have Michellin tyres, Continental braking system, GM motor, Aisin (japanese) gearbox, Bosch electrics etc etc.
    The plant is the most modern in the world AND when you think of the car brands that China build AND you don't want Chinese – then you can scrub – Volvo, Tesla, VW and a crap load of other mainstream brands off your list too.

  4. Not exactly Chinese product but Made in China product I wonder about hardware and the other side software that you mentioned in top10 s.things clip

  5. Hi Mate: I'm the first time to watch your video. In regards to the whether I will buy a Chinese car for my next purchase. I will definitely to consider but i would prefer to stick with the top of the range. As in the past people complaint about Korean car. I'm sure there is room for improvement and as you said about the quality of the Chinese products is getting better eg phone.
    I think the MG car for right hand drive product are made in Thailand. As they are now exporting to European countries. I'm sure they need to have good quality control. I wish the ldv can add the ADAS system to every products in Australia. The is a updated version for LDV G20 in China that in a upper market

  6. Country of build is irrelevant nowdays. The thing is that engineering has advanced a lot and global flow of information and cross border research has brought the quality of products produced by different countries at par with each other. So really, consumers can definitely not worry about the country of origin and rather can take advantage of value for money offering.

  7. I just took the plunge and bought MG HS… Driven 12000k…. Perfect… I've gotten use to the dual clutch and the infotainment 1 second delay…

  8. Country of build irrelevant really in global market – I have friends with an MG3 and a HS and both really like them and I think sales speak for themselves as do the products themselves – I would recommend cross shopping with MG as value and 7 year warranty make them very competitive

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