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Buying a car in China in China is tempting, but not the best idea. With the public transportation, and the nightmare traffic, it can be an insane idea.

However, we have owned many vehicles in China, so we wanted to talk about the auto industry, and shed some light on what you need to look out for when thinking about buying a car in China. And if you decide to buy a car in China, what brands should you be wary of, and are there any good Chinese car brands?

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Living in China for so long, we would like to share some of the comparisons that we have found between China and the west, and shed some light on the situation.

Every week, we take you to a new place in China on our bikes, cover a topic, and reply to your questions.

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22 thoughts on “Should You Buy a Chinese Car?”

  1. Sai Kang? Interesting. Hong Kong. Owning a car in China seems
    as owning a car in western Europe – you regret it upon the same
    liabilities as you guys told about in China. But public transport SUCKS!

  2. politburo sets prices and rations availability to further national goals. this doesn't happen in the west, unless trump thinks tariffs are a good thing. in general, it pays to think the chinese know what they are doing. they are visibly lifting the national wealth and health at a remarkable rate. you can get a cheap car, small electric cars are subsidized and very affordable. they may even be good. [ish] some day soon they will start selling them in the west, and chevrolet will go out of business.

  3. Big news, Hurry Hurry Read All About It: a car is a money hole in every country. And a used car often is a hassle. Have you two tards ever owned cars in the West?

  4. Do you ever do updates or follow up on the products you cover? Idol Cam comes to mind. The release of this innovative Chinese/American product was supposed to be August, 2018 and as of March 2019 there has been no sign of release and the man behind it has stopped communicating. Perhaps you could do a video on the difficulties of doing business in China,recourse on flaws or scams or importing defective or illegal goods?

  5. I can confirm the Used Car market sucks in China for the following reasons: 1) overpriced 2) any car over 3 years old has probably been in a major accident 3) mechanical problems & genuine parts stripped out. Just buy a new Chinese brand, which is $6,000 to $8,000 USD cheaper than the Japanese equivalent. P.S. the car sales tax in China is 10%.

  6. I bought a bad ass 1974 Corvette in 1994 for about $6K and drove it for at least 10 years before I sold it which I NEVER should have done. It hurts in the pit of my gut when I think about it! When I was a teenager I had a friend who helped me rebuild an old 1975 Trans Am with a 457 big block. It had side pipes and big fat tires and was lifted up on the rear end and fast as hell. I had so much fun in that car with the exception of getting very drunk on peppermint Scnapps one night. I had a friend driving me home because I was wasted and before he could get pulled over to the curb because I was gonna puke, I had on a coyote fur coat which caught the first of it and then finally got my door open and began hurling on those very hot side pipes which cooked the puke and it steamed back up in my face which of course caused more heaving! So gross! I DO NOT wear fur anymore by the way. I was young and obviously dumb and will never kill an animal so I can have it's fur to keep me warm. Anyway, just thought I would share a couple of my favorite car stories. Tammie Miller

  7. 不太认同的地方是说我们不懂车,中国的汽车行业现状与政治腐败有很大关系,简单点说就是,一批腐败权贵制定了4S店等规则让车价变贵,不合理的中标车规则让车质量变差,后果就是在中国买的车质量差而且贵。



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