It’s Almost Breaking News time again and in this episode Robert looks at where we are with battery recycling, news that BYD are coming to Europe, how hydrogen could power electric flight, some impressive turbo turbines and finally, are smaller, cheaper Teslas on the way?

0:00 So many stories!
1:23 Seals & Dolphins
3:24 Tiny Teslas
3:53 Llewellyn’s science lesson
8:09 Is battery recycling happening?
9:18 Hydrogen electric propulsion
11:12 Massive turbines
14:05 Toyota in a pickle
17:23 Micro rant

Links to News Stories:
BYD Seal:
Tesla compact:
Battery recycling:
Hydrogen flight:
Wind turbine record:

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40 thoughts on “Small CHEAP Electric Cars Are Finally Coming! Almost Breaking News”

  1. Presumably as time goes by, after car batteries have finished their life as home batteries, the defunct batteries will be shipped to the recycling factory in electric trucks and trains, charged by renewable energy to be refined using 100% renewable energy. In the mean time there will be a carbon footprint, which will steadily decrease year by year. Using fossil fuels to get rid of fossil fuels. And hopefully we will stop using Li batteries for static applications. The alternatives can be cycled between 0 and 100% with no damage, last far longer, are safer, are more easily recycled and are made of cheap, readily available elements. All should be cheaper than Li batteries once they get market share.

  2. Lol the carbon emission making batteries for a millionth of a percent of global energy compared to the mining of fuels that power the entire planet. He is entertaining but not too bright. Disclaimer im only half way into the video?.

  3. What chargers are being used in Europe, besides Tesla. Tesla charging seams to do good hear overall in the US, BUT THE REST SEAM TO HAVE A LOT OF PROBLEMS.

  4. The ‘dolphin’, they took that car name from one of my comments on the Aptera?. CO3 is good for plant life! The Chinese pop out a new coal based power plant every week, and you can’t object to this development by talking to the Han Chinese elite who control “communist” China, because they never talk back. Wind energy is a big disaster (too much wind: too much turbine electricity to release on the grid, too little wind: no energy at all), unless windpower can be stored, and that is not possible yet. “The solution is already in development” (WHEN IS IT READY?)

  5. Already let down but the so called cheap Ora cat hatchback already so not really buying into the cheap cars yet, anything under 20 or even 25k will be progress

  6. My Subaru Outback Six cylinders is hard to beat…It will last another 30 years then I will be dead or close…THEN I WILL NOT GIVE A SHIT!


  7. Could you talk about : Duesenfeld, Germany. Redwoodmaterials, Nevada. Snam, France. Lithionrecycling, Québec. Umicore, Belgium, Germany. Retrievtech, USA. Reneos (Bebat, Belgium. Grs-batterien, Germany. Cobat, Italie. Batteriretur, Norway. Stibat, Nederland). Northvolt northvoltrecycling, Sweden. Redivivus Canada. RecycLiCo U.S. Massachusetts. Attero Attero Recycling Pvt . Ltd, Inde. Librec Librec, Swiss. Fortum, Finnish. Accurec, Germany. Akkuser AkkuSer and Boliden, Finnish. Neometalsn, Austria. Redux-recyclingen Redux, Germany and Austria. G-pbatt G&P Batteries, United-Kingdom ?

  8. what like the ora which is about £8K in china but £31k in this country when it arrives, just because it is cheap in one country has no bearing on the cost in another country
    especially the UK or Europe.
    I truly hope that cheap electric cars come to this country and I know if they do, regardless of who brings them, I personally feel this show would have had a bearing on that company
    coming to this country, so thank you, I really would like to purchase an electric car, but they are out of my reach at the moment. and I suspect they will continue to be out of my reach for the
    forcible future.

  9. Automakers sell their products for as much as they can get for them. If they are cheaper, they are less desirable (for various reasons). If they could sell them for more, they would. And currently, Tesla can sell as many cars as they can make at a higher price. Because they are measurably better.

  10. The switch to electric vehicles is important and exciting, but it's good to keep it in perspective. 
    I liked this tweet from Brent Toderian "Never forget, electric cars are here to save the car industry, not the planet."

  11. As you said, if they sell at same price as in china they will bring fear to EU car market, but fact is that BYD are ridicolous expensive in Denmark compared to China prices. BYD Han can be bought at 26000$ in China, in Denmark price is 80000 incl. 15000 in tax – so like 65000$

  12. Toyota got a lot of stick for their 'self charging hybrid; and rightly so. I actually have a 2021 Toyota Proace electric van. It is ok (it appears to basically be a rebadged Dispatch/Expert/Vivaro) but I'm looking to downsize (so if anyone wants a virtually brand new Proace for 25K… its on Autotrader wink wink.

  13. One of the most common arguments I now hear against wind turbines (what with the "bird mincer", "they only work when we don't need the power" and "we'd need a billionteen turbines to meet our energy needs because each one is so small" arguments falling by the wayside), is "they only have a 25 year lifespan, then they'll all need replacing at a cost of £shitloads". Would be really interesting to see a comparison of the longevity (or not) of wind turbines vs. nuclear/coal/gas plants & a rough approximation of the total lifespan cost – e.g. we KNOW that nuclear costs an absolute fortune once it's lifetime is over (I believe they're still decommissioning Sellafield, and it's likely to take over 100 years!); coal & gas are presumably easier but still have big infra to remove… Anyway – would be nice to put the "only lasts 25 years" argument to bed, I think I might successfully convert the one person I know who is still vehemently anti-wind-power for that reason.

  14. The Airbus ASCEND project with a blended-wing body, a hydrogen cryo tank in the middle of the body and the passengers in the wings is planned for service in 2035. At the moment, the powertrain is built without airplane. The electric motors are superconducting and use the coldness of the cryo hydrogen for cooling. The fuel cell seems to be the weakest part of the chain. Cryo hydrogen needs more space, but has got a 2,7 times higher engery density per weight in comparison to kerosene, which is a big advantage in constructing long-distance airplanes.
    (Thanks for the good pronunciation which is good to understand for non-native speakers.)

  15. Still driving my second gen RAV4 EV. First gen had too many issues and I dropped it pretty quickly. Good for around 110 miles currently and its 10 years old. I don't drive Tesla in town because I don't see the point of slogging 300+ miles worth of battery around to drive 15 miles a day. Love your commentary. Keep up the good opinions.

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