Subaru releases 2030 EV strategy – A Chinese take over is inevitable

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26 thoughts on “Subaru releases 2030 EV strategy – A Chinese take over is inevitable”

  1. Interesting that Blackrock owns 5%. (screen shot at 3:57) You'd think they'd be bailing out of there sharpish they are very bullish about EVs this isnta great play for that is it?

  2. Subaru Forester is a Consumer Reports 2023 top pick. CR has no stock investments and takes no money from any car maker, purely independent. Other top picks were the Model 3 and Toyota Corolla Hybrid, also great and reliable cars.

  3. That incentive is not a big deal, I will still buy Subaru WRX with or without incentive… it's the name and the 4wd reputation and that wrx badge say if Kia cost 50000 and Subaru 58000 ,many still go for Subaru because it's 4wd and superior name

  4. I dont buy anything in this video at all. While I agree, they may be late to the market with a full EV, but the brand is solid and they have a following of people that buy Subaru again and again. I just bought a 2023 Outback and love it. If you look at other brands that have an EV, they are all still looking at what's next. We've already seen based on this winter that EV's aren't an ideal choice for many people to have as their primary vehicle due to extreme cold weather and the impact to their batteries. Additionally, the US power grid simply cannot handle a widespread adoption of EV's. Look at California and other states that can't support the electricity requirements now and have brownouts and blackouts. New "smart" main panels in homes allow the power company to control your electricity usage. They've been doing it with A/C for years, turning it up or down or shutting it down due to the need for power. Subaru as a brand isn't going anywhere

  5. So, you're Subaru and your largest market is North America, but you're planning to build your first EV plant in Japan, meaning those EV models built there won't qualify for any US incentives, so why does Subaru think their US customers will buy a non-incentive EV when they can buy one that has incentives, for Subaru it's easy, your biggest market is where you should build most of your vehicles, the US rolls over too much for foreign car companies, I don't see the Chinese wasting their money on buying Subaru

  6. Fans of Subaru's are extremely loyal and I am not sure that they care about BEV or PHEV. Not every automaker needs to electrify if they offer something else that attracts and retains their customers.

  7. I must admit, I find some of your assumptions amusing. I wonder if you are making them to generate traffic or if you truly believe them. For instance, what leads you to believe that such a factory would be built in Japan rather than in the location where they have the majority of their market? Similarly, why do you think Toyota, the world's top-selling automaker, would suddenly disappear due to not exclusively producing electric vehicles in the next five years? While Tesla has brilliant engineers, Toyota and other larger car companies have a more conservative approach to production and have earned a reputation for reliability and ease of repair. They also offer a diverse range of appealing models. Comparatively, Tesla's interior and exterior quality leave something to be HIGHLY desired.

    Furthermore, if your wife is indeed in stage 3 cancer, my heart goes out to you and your family. I am sorry for your difficult situation. If you would like, you could consider creating a separate channel to document her status and prognosis. Please forgive my skepticism, as there are many unscrupulous people on the internet these days. I hope this is not the case with you and that your family receives the support and care they need during this challenging time.

  8. No, they're not going anywhere. In the U.S. Subaru is pretty popular. You should watch the YouTube video, Mark Mills: "The Energy Transition Delusion…" That's reality.

  9. Assuming that the tax breaks for EVs will outlast Biden is a very big leap. As soon as he is out of office it will be gone along with most of the rest of his spendthrift policies.

    Subaru made a huge mistake with the Solterra and depending upon Toyota is not wise. Hopefully they will stop this trend.

    But the basic assumption that you make regarding the imminent replacement of all ICE cars with BEVs I think is very wrong. I went to Death Valley National Park in my Outback over the weekend and with a full tank it has close to 500 miles of range. Not taking some EV out there.

    The US market is different from China and the EU.

  10. USA is about trucks. Subaru was off my radar once they discontinued the BRAT. They went all mainstream and boring. If I want mainstream and boring I'll buy a Ridgeline.

  11. Subaru is run by a bunch of Rubes. Their engineers couldn't possibly design or manufacture a competitive EV.
    Here on the Tesla Promotional Network, Mr. Viking will describe the reasons why.

  12. You are wrong, in that Subaru seem to understand something you do not. While the globalists are pushing for EVs, they as a viable future are finished. There will be no EVs in 2030.

  13. The other huge problem for Subaru is demographics. Their products are old and outdated, and younger people want EV.
    I'm not sure they will even get bought, I think it'll just be bankruptcy. They have so little of value other than the brand name and that's already quite small. Very similar situation to Mazda, I would say.

  14. The Electric Viking has missed a rather important point … there will NOT be a $7500 incentive in the USA in 5 years time. Probably not in 4 or even 3 years time … once the US have started building EVs in earnest, and the American public start buying them, and the Chinese get going … there will be no EV incentive. What is more likely is that petrol and diesel cars will get an extra tax. Petrol and diesel may well start to be more heavily taxed. WHY should EV buyers get a discount when EVs start to be cheaper to buy than petrol cars? Especially when EVs start to sell in their millions …
    Come on Electric Viking – get your thinking cap on!
    Subaru and Toyota are likely to substantially accelerate their plans once the EV revolution really takes off. The Japanese government is likely to intervene as well. The hydrogen revolution that Toyota bet the house on is still at least 10 to 20 years away … it depends on extraordinarily cheap electricity … which will come … in 20, 30 or 40 years time …
    It is going to be interesting !

  15. The electrification of the car industry is soon coming to an end. Toyota and Subaru are very well aware of this – These are not economic kids on the block. Rising interest rates combined with falling oil prices are going to kill the BEV industry. There will always be space for hybrid vehicles though. Turbo and hybrid are the only future in the car industry for the next 25 years. Batteries are unsustainable and calling for tax incentives for BEV's is asking for political suicide.

  16. 2030 is a good target year. By then, EV incentives will be gone. Every manufacturer will be on an equal footing. In addition, Subaru will be marketing mass market vehicles. That is mainstream vehicles for mainstream buyers. Which means no autonomous driving or anything fancy . Subaru and Toyota understand that complexity is the enemy of reliability so adding features like autonomous driving is out of the question. They don’t want to end up with unreliable vehicles like Tesla (per Consumer Reports).

  17. Japan thrived on auto industry. 25% of Japanese economy is auto related. Japan wishes to feed on its past glory forever. But ev comes along, Tesla and byd will eat its lunch no matter what. The Japanese economy is an enclosed national park, few outlanders, no competition is bad! China welcomed Tesla and Tesla brought competition to Chinese car makers. To survive, Chinese car makers must make the best evs to win the competition. See what happens!

  18. I'd like a serial PHEV Subaru with a range extender. I think Mazda MX-30 r-ev is the best design as of yet letting you use batteries for DD but without the hassle of EV charging for road trips.

  19. The $7500 tax incentive won't last long as it is there to kickstart US auto manufacturing which it is already doing very well. By the time Subaru are in the market it will be up against a mature EV manufacturing industry and probably won't be able to compete.

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