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China puts key focus on coordinated regional development. In landlocked Southwest China, the region’s two municipalities, Chengdu and Chongqing, are working together to build an economic circle to boost development. Now, car-making in the economic circle is charging to break a total worth of $144 billion. CGTN’s Xu Xinchen paid a visit to the region’s largest carmaker.

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11 thoughts on “SW China's largest cities work together to promote car-making”

  1. Why some ctgn presenters in english have strange names attached to their names. Those of other nationalities like Indians Thais Japanese Koreans Cambodians Vietnamese Bhutanese Nepali or Chinese minorities though able to speak English or even Chinese do not have strange names attached to their given names

  2. Ride in Chinese cars when visiting China using taxis and hires. Nice ride, appearance and comfort/ride. Would love to test drive one. Would definitely consider owning. 45%+ of cars sold in American are foreign. Think about this.

  3. EV is already Dominated by Chinese Manufacturers. In Tech, AI Tech, Autonomous Driving, 5G connection, Battery Tech, Electric Motor Tech , Innovate 800V system, etc. ONLY TESLA can be consider as "On Par" with the likes of BYD, NIO, XPeng, Geely, GWM, SAIC, LeapMotor, IM , Etc. For Super Sports car, Luxury sedan, SUV, MPV, Mid size sedans, Hatchback, Mini EV , etc . All segment of the EV are already available in China.

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