Luxury electric vehicles bursting into flames after being damaged by floodwaters and car batteries catching on fire have prompted a new warning from the state after Hurricane Ian. READ MORE: 3 people still missing in hard-hit Florida county in wake of Hurricane Ian, sheriff says: SUBSCRIBE to GMA’s YouTube… Continue Reading Florida warns about hurricane-damaged electric vehicles l GMA

Electric vehicle manufacturers call for Australia to adopt the world’s best fuel-efficiency standards, otherwise they say it will continue to be a dumping ground for polluting cars. The federal government is yet to adopt an emissions target after announcing its EV strategy. Australia’s uptake is far behind the rest of… Continue Reading Why electric vehicles could soon become cheaper | The Business | ABC News

Eddie (Hudson Yang) brings home his girlfiend to meet his parents and she isn’t exactly what he had in mind. Needless to say Jessica (Constance Wu) is thrilled to see that she’s Chinese. Watch this scene from Fresh Off the Boat 2×23. Subscribe: source