#electricflyingcar #electricvehicle #technews #flyingcar #future #technology #unitedstates Could there be cars flying over us in the near future? Alef Aeronautics has received approval from the united states government as the first-ever electric flying over. Pre-orders for this flying vehicle are open at 30 thousand US Dollars and are expected to… Continue Reading Electric Flying Car Receives Approval For Test Flights In The US

China’s New Sodium Battery Will Change EV Industry Forever Sodium ion battery electric cars explain . CATL and BYD sodium ion battery EV Kurradu – https://youtube.com/@evkurradu MVS Auto Telugu – https://youtube.com/@mvsautotelugu EV Bro – https://youtube.com/@evbroindia MVS Auto – https://youtube.com/@mvsauto EV BRO Reviews – https://www.youtube.com/@evbroreviews EV Kurradu Reviews – https://www.youtube.com/@evkurradureviews AI… Continue Reading This Chinese Sodium Battery Will Change EV Industry Forever | MVS Auto

Hey Guys, Here’s All You Need to Know About The 2021 NIO ET7. Check out complete review of interior, exterior design updates, features, new technology and other improvements in all trim levels of the refreshed. Thank you #NIO ??? What are your thoughts on this amazing electric sedan? Comment Below!… Continue Reading 2021 NIO ET7 Overview – A new Chinese electric car with a range of 600 miles

Introducing the 2023 HONGQI E-HS9, the pinnacle of luxury and innovation in the world of electric SUVs! With its cutting-edge design, advanced technology, and exceptional performance, the HONGQI E-HS9 is set to revolutionize the automotive industry. Step into a new era of eco-friendly driving with the HONGQI E-HS9’s fully electric… Continue Reading Chinese Car Priced At 122,500 Euros Brings Satisfaction To Its Owner!

It’s our first every review of a Chinese car – we were absolutely expecting to totally hate it. But… well you’d better watch the video review of the Changan CS75. Full review here now http://www.motoringme.com/reviews/chinese-made-changan-cs75-review/ More on http://www.MotoringME.com Please LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE! More on http://www.MotoringME.com Follow us http://www.facebook.com/MotoringMiddleEast http://www.instagram.com/motoringmiddleeast/… Continue Reading Changan CS75 Chinese car review

This is NOT a common trait of this vehicle; I’ve seen others drive normally. Still weird though, maybe the shocks can’t handle heavy loads. #BYDNeta #suspension #electriccar source

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