GM and every other automaker have been forced to transition their entire product line to electric, a hard deadline. After over 100 years in operation, the need to change EVERYTHING. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, they must deliver cutting-edge battery technology and have an expectation to solve self-driving. Mary… Continue Reading GM President Finally Admits The Problem With EV's

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Chinese Car Manufacturer BLAIMS Women For Crashed Vehicle.. Welcome back to Car Central, today on this channel we are going to talk about “Chinese car slammed as ‘blatantly sexist’ + Honda, Sony to Build First Car Together in 2025” Modern take on Volkswagen’s Beetle offers ‘Lady Driving Mode’ and other… Continue Reading Chinese Car Manufacturer BLAIMS Women For Crashed Vehicle..

Mercedes-Benz continues its product offensive at the 14th Auto China in Beijing. Four exceptional automobiles celebrate their world premieres in the Chinese capital – the long-wheelbase version of the new E-Class and the new smart BRABUS fortwo, fortwo cabrio and forfour. The long-wheelbase version of the E-Class is stretched by… Continue Reading World premiere of the new long-wheelbase E-Class at Auto China 2016 – Mercedes-Benz original

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6 years and 95,000kms later, how did my cheap little Chinese car hold up? It’s a Chery Riich, with a 1.0 liter engine derived from a Toyota Yaris. I’ve driven it all over China, and have put a lot of miles on the clock. How is it holding up? Is… Continue Reading I Have Driven a Chinese Car for 7 Years – How is it?

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Most Affordable Chinese EV Cars Under $25000 Since last July, the world’s largest electric car market has been dominated by a little-known carmaker in southwest China, which almost every month exceeds the sales of more prominent players and even Tesla Inc. with a tiny electric car that starts at just… Continue Reading Most Affordable Chinese EV Cars Under $25000

Chinese Electric Cars You Can Buy In 2023,chinese electric cars list,china mini electric car. Electric is not the future of China’s auto industry. It’s the Present. This year, the country will sell more electric vehicles than the rest of the world combined as its domestic market grows faster than the… Continue Reading Chinese Electric Cars You Can Buy In 2023