( https://duckco.com/tfl-store ) Check out TFL’s apparel store! Meet The Huang Guang MINI EV: A tiny, tiny electric car with a small price tag but impressive features. They have sold over 15,000 of these small electric cars in China, but will they make their way to the U.S? We’ll give… Continue Reading GM Makes A $4,000 Electric Car That Will Blow Your Mind! Here's Why You NEED One, But Can't Have It

Electric vehicle sales are currently surging in Europe, China and other countries with market share reaching new records. But US is lagging in small or lower-price electric vehicles. There are many EVs in the price range of 20 to 30 thousand dollars, even as low as $5000. Lets find if… Continue Reading 10 New Cheap EVs from Europe & China – From $5000