011-CHERY JETOUR X70 PLUS $12,000-22,000 in China CNY 77,000-140,000 New Brand of Chery Group Model Size: L-4749mm*W-1900mm*H-1720mm*WB-2745mm Drive Mode: FWD Fuel Type: Gasoline Type of Motor: 1.5L L4 12V MPI DVVT Turbo 1.6L L4 12V GDI DVVT Turbo Motor Power: 1.5T-115kW/230N·m 1.6T-145kW/290N·m Transmission: 1.5T-6-Speed Manual Transmission 1.5T- Tsingshan-6-Speed dual-clutch 1.6T-… Continue Reading 011-Chinese Cars:CHERY JETOUR X70 PLUS(gasoline SUV)$12,000-22,000 in China CNY 77,000-140,000