#VocalForLocal In this video i have told about Chinese car company in india which we should not purchase and also upcoming car company which are coming in india. i have explained 1) what we should boycott at first 2) which Chinese company is present in India 3) Which Chinese Companies… Continue Reading Chinese Car Companies coming in India|| #Boycott Chinese Automobile Company

#Chinesecarcompany #Chinesecarindia ??Chinese Car company in India. भारत में कौनसी चाइनीज कंपनी गाड़ी बनाती है‎@octa Own the road  #chinesecar #chinese car in india #octa own the road #Chinese car #MG hector source

In this video we have a chat about a project we did with the Geely car company. We show you around their high tech EV factory and tell you how we collaborated together on a pretty cool video. Check out the video we made for Geely’s 35 anniversary here: ▶… Continue Reading We Visited A High-tech Chinese Car Factory