Someone attacked my Asian car on Chinese New Year….is it a hate crime??????? ……mehhhhh, I don’t know, but my poor poor car. Despite my down-to-earthiness, I’m actually really really pissed about it, but what else can I do aside from making a YouTube video about it lol. Please help me… Continue Reading Attack on Asian car on Chinese New Year…hate crime!!!!!!! (just kidding btw ) ..

Sing along and learn with The Kiboomers preschool songs & nursery rhymes! Here is our Chinese New Year Dragon Dance lyric video for kids. Enjoy! ♥︎ If you want to enjoy more of our kids songs and preschool learning videos, then please subscribe to support our YouTube channel here :… Continue Reading Chinese New Year Dragon Dance Lyric Video – The Kiboomers Preschool Songs & Nursery Rhymes

Yet another useless carwash video to commemorate Chinese New Year 2022 Year of the Tiger. #carwash #chinesenewyear2022 #yearofthetiger2022 #asmr #imlek source

#carwash #asmrvideo Chinese New Year edition. #useless post Bandwidth test of 4K/60 HDR signal. source

I went out for the weekend to Chinatown to celebrate Chinese New Year with a friend. We got into an unexpected car accident but still tried to have a good time. After talking with my parents about what I should do if a similar situation occurs, I thought it would… Continue Reading Got into a car accident during Chinese New Year 2022… Here is what I learned #shorts

Celebrating Chinese New Year in San Francisco Chinatown’s Street Fair in 4k for the Year of the Rabbit. This Chinese New Year Street Fair is located in San Francisco Chinatown on January 14 & 15. I attended and spent both days at the festival. The Chinese New Year Flower Market… Continue Reading Chinese New Year 2023 – San Francisco Chinatown Street Fair Festival in 4K | Year of the Rabbit

This only video you need to watch to survive the year of Rabbit. Written by: Lingyi Xiong @Blingyi Filmed and Edited by: Elson Huang @elsonfilmmaker Jason Hau @jasonkokotan Produced by: Jeanette Yeap @Jeanettoes Asteria Oh @SefrinaOh Starring: Terence Then @terencethen Jason Hau @jasonkokotan Bryan Low @Boo.Lai.en Jeanette Yeap @Jeanettoes Jeynelle… Continue Reading Lunar New Year Survival Guide

Get Car City World, the ultimate app for Car City little fans! Play games, learn through educational activities, watch episodes of Car City: NEW! Car City custom products are now available! Click on the link to discover them all: Jerry the Racecar is decorated as a dragon to… Continue Reading Truck cartoons for kids – CHINESE NEW YEAR : The RACING DRAGON CAR leads the PARADE – Super Truck !

Torn jeans, late nights, and a pocket knife. What is Yen up to? Love drives us and yet it’s often misunderstood. Happy #ChineseNewYear from us at Taylor’s. Connect with us: Taylor’s Official Website…. Facebook… Instagram Twitter LinkedIn… #taylorsuniversity #risewiththebest #risetogether #taylorsphere #festivefilm #CNY #CNY2023 #chinesenewyear… Continue Reading Torn | CNY 2023