The characteristics of old Mercedes-Benz sedans are very evident in this Chinese Shanghai. The lines of the roof and the doors were inspired by the Mercedes ‘Ponton’, a model of the 1950s. Yet this Chinese sedan was produced in the 1980s. The example on display came to the Louwman Museum… Continue Reading Rediscovering Chinese Automotive Heritage: Exploring the Shanghai SH760A!

This brand Wuling, you may have not heard of if you don’t live in China because they don’t currently export. That is simply because they can’t yet meet the domestic demand! In one month of 2021, they sold more cars than Tesla. They’re based in the city of Liuzhou, Guangxi… Continue Reading Chinese Electric Car Brands Will Take Over the World // 中国电动汽车品牌会占领世界

Rise of Chinese Automobile Industry On this week’s UPFRONT, we are joined by Jhoo Dong-chan, Reporter of the Korea Times and Kim Min-kyun, Professor of Sogang Business School at Sogang University to discuss the expected impact of the rise of Chinese automobile industry on the global automotive market. ‘중국산 자동차,… Continue Reading [Upfront] Relation Between THAAD & IMPORT of Chinese Cars

Support us and the channel on Paypal! Buying a car in China in China is tempting, but not the best idea. With the public transportation, and the nightmare traffic, it can be an insane idea. However, we have owned many vehicles in China, so we wanted to talk about… Continue Reading Should You Buy a Chinese Car? Learn Chinese words using the Learn Chinese with Pictures series from Beautiful images clearly show Chinese vocabulary divided into units by topic. Each word is introduced with the English,Chinese hanzi characters and pinyin. It’s a great way to practice your Chinese and learn new Hanzi, while studying new… Continue Reading Learn Chinese – Chinese Vehicles Vocabulary