Xiaopeng G3 give you 500kms on one charge, this cars is equipted with fast charging battery, 80 % of battery charge in 30 mins, company provide life time warrenty for battery, and 4 year warrenty for the rest of car..presently the car price is from 180,000 Yuan to 200,000 Yuan… Continue Reading XiaoPeng Electric Car Specfication and Review |2019|Chinese Car

#ChineseCar #NewEnergy #ElectricVehicles Driving domestically produced cars was not dignified, which was the consensus of all people at that time, even if domestically produced cars had higher configurations and stronger power compared to joint venture cars of the same level. For example, when joint venture cars had to spend several… Continue Reading Really? The whole world wants to buy China made cars?

Chinese electro car GAC Aion S The design of the GAC Aion S Plus 2022 is inspired by the ENO.146 concept car unveiled in 2019. The appearance of the new car is more streamlined and modern. The overall dimensions of the new car are 4810 x 1880 x 1515 mm… Continue Reading Chinese electro car GAC Aion S

Technical information Price (Start): 720,000 Nok WLTP Range : 500 km Battery KW/H: 100 kw/h (106 gross) Engine KW – HP- NM: 360/490/650 Consumption 100 Km. : 17 (mixed) 18.1 kw/h (long distance) DC Fast Charge Cap. : 125 kW/h AC Charge : 11 kw/h Driveline : 4×4 Acceleration 0-100… Continue Reading Voyah FREE 2023 | All Electric New Chinese Car | Visual Review

One more Chinese Electric vehicle, Dongfeng Goes S50 EV On The Beijing Auto Show Dongfeng brought four new electric cars to the Beijing Auto Show in China. We have already seen the somewhat odd Fengnuo E300, and continue now with the Fengxing S50-EV, based on the Fengxing Jingyi S50 sedan.… Continue Reading One more Chinese Electric vehicle, Dongfeng Goes S50 EV On The Beijing Auto Show

Welcome to China Auto Show Channel China Auto Show will bring you brief tour Exterior and interior Walk around Auto Show source

Chinese car Changan UNI-V The Changan UNI-V is positioned as a compact car, but the new car uses many coupe-like elements. Sports and fashion are its highlights. To serve young users, the company has launched many beautiful car colors. . Its front uses a borderless mesh in the middle, and… Continue Reading Chinese car Changan UNI-V

Dongfeng launched a new budget electric SUV, based on the Renault City K-ZE and Dacia Spring siblings. The Dongfeng Nano Box is already available to order in China, starting from as low as ¥65,700 ($9,748). #Dongfeng #NanoBox #ev See always the latest news about cars, interesting facts, innovations, reviews of… Continue Reading Dongfeng EV Nano Box is the $10k Chinese cousin of the Dacia Spring

Which one is a Hummer and which one is the Chinese car Dongfeng Crazy Soldier?! Only an expert eye will be able to distinguish these 7 Chinese knockoffs from the originals. See how you fare on this episode of China Uncensored. Join the China Uncensored 50-Cent Army! https://www.patreon.com/ChinaUncensored Subscribe for… Continue Reading Top 7 Chinese Car Knockoffs | China Uncensored

A classic car connaisseur goes deep into the history of the Chinese car industry. From communist creations, to copycat cars and the rise to total world dominance. How did the Chinese auto industry develop so fast? A look at it’s history might provide an answer! Remember to like, subscribe and… Continue Reading Rise of China Part II: Copycat Car Era