Sidewalk skiing, ramp jumping, drifting, consistent 360-degree spinning, parallel parking with only 10 cm gap… Challenger Stunt Team from Guangdong, China, gives another breathtaking performance of real life The Fast & Furious. Full version: 连续甩尾、侧身挂人、飞车过坡、两轮侧穿、零间距漂移入库……挑战者车队再度上演特技大秀,现实版《速度与激情》全程高燃 完整版: #AmazingChinese #了不起的中国人 #stunt #carstunts Subscribe to Amazing Chinese: 【欢迎订阅了不起的中国人频道】 Be prepared to… Continue Reading Get your adrenaline rocket with thrilling car stunt! | Amazing Chinese #shorts

This is from a Chinese local automobile brand Geely. This car has been released in Chinese market. Any parts of the cars in this video were not changed or optimised since they were produced, and are exactly the same as they cars on sale in the market. It has passed… Continue Reading Chinese Car Performance Show: Geely Tobe [2009]

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