In this episode we are going to talk about the newly announced NIO ET7 which has broken all previous records of EV range by going 1000 kms on a single charge. Yes, you heard that right, the ET7 is the world’s car to have a 1000 km range of any… Continue Reading NIO ET7 The Chinese EV That Is Coming To The West

In today’s episode we see a very happy Jack behind the wheel of a freshly electrified classic Mini, and his beaming face tells you just how much fun he’s having! Bristol based company Fellten, design and manufacture EV retro-fitting technology for all manner of classic cars, and with their base… Continue Reading How CHEAPLY Can You EV Convert Your Old Car?

Elliot takes the hotly anticipated Xpeng P5 on a road trip to the Great Wall of China to find out if this new electric super saloon could be the best value EV on the market. Sitting somewhere between Xpeng’s G7 smart SUV and their luxurious P7, the P5 is a… Continue Reading The sub 20k Electric Cars are coming! XPENG P5 | Subscribe to Fully Charged

The bright orange HiPhi X from new kids on the block, Human Horizons is the most expensive Chinese EV ever produced. So suffice to say, we had pretty high hopes for this large sporty SUV. There’s no doubt that it’s a very impressive vehicle, packed full of gadgets and tech,… Continue Reading One of China's strangest Electric Cars yet? | HiPhi X Review

Dozens of China’s huge and gleaming Electric Vehicle plants have now been abandoned. The production at the most EV making units has been suspended since the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020. An over-enthusiastic push for EV manufacturing in China resulted in surplus capacity. At present, out of 846 registered… Continue Reading Why China’s Electric Vehicles Dream Crashed & Is Showing No Signs Of Recovery

Elliot reviews NIO’s smallest, cheapest and most colourful car yet: the ET5. With bold styling, immense range and a luxurious, polished interior, is this China’s finest EV yet? And is it good enough to find success when it arrives in Europe? 00:00 A god-tier EV? 00:51 What’s the big deal?… Continue Reading This Chinese EV DELIBERATELY Undercuts Tesla!

Our man in China, Elliot Richards takes a look at a delightfully simple and straightforward new EV: The BYD Atto. This no-nonsense family car prioritises practicality and familiarity over high-tech features and posh materials, as so few other EVs do. And best of all China isn’t keeping this one to… Continue Reading Finally A Normal No-Frills Electric Car! BYD ATTO 3

Unlike the European market where cheap, basic electric cars continue to be about as common as rocking horse poo, the Chinese market is positively spoiled with them. In fact, there are now so many different new EVs on sale in China for less than the equivalent of £10,000 that it’s… Continue Reading The £8,000 Electric Car Taking China By Storm | Fully Charged

Hot on the heels of his hugely popular review of the standard Wuling Mini EV – China’s cheapest electric car – Elliot takes a look at its slightly posher sibling: the Mini EV Cabrio. With much improved engineering, top-down driving thrills and a price still less than half that of… Continue Reading China's Cheapest Electric Car Just Got A BIG Upgrade

This week our man in China, Elliot Richards is taking a break from the usual array of small, sensible affordable EVs to show us the latest and greatest creation from Xpeng: The new G9 flagship SUV. With an outrageous interior, Mercedes-level quality and a price tag that will likely undercut… Continue Reading Is This The Best Chinese car ever? Xpeng G9