In Q1 2023, GM Finally got to second place producing EVs in the US, overtaking Ford! And what do they do with this, but kill the Chevy Bolt and produce a whopping TWO Hummer EVs! But GM has plans to enter Europe again as an EV only brand, and compete… Continue Reading Why is GM Killing the Bolt?! Tesla, Legacy Auto, China, and Profitability

China JUST REVEALED Their NEW INSANE FULL SELF DRIVING(FSD) Technology That Is A GAME CHANGER! #china #ev #tesla It should come as no surprise that the electric vehicle market in the United States continues to make headlines, and rightfully so. Tesla, for example, has brought this sector from near insignificance… Continue Reading China JUST REVEALED Their NEW INSANE Full Self Driving (FSD) Technology That Is A GAME CHANGER!

Nio wants to conquer Europe and is turning e-mobility into a holistic experience: Customers recharge their batteries at battery swap stations and celebrate sustainable lifestyles in the Nio community. ► Liked the video? Let us know by giving us a thumbs up! ► Want to see more? Make sure to… Continue Reading Chinese EVs To Rule Germany: Nio Takes On Car Giants