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In today’s video I am joined by Failgames for a Chinese New Year Special! We will be comparing the 2 Chinese (at least mostly) Touring Cars that have been added recently to see which is best! Chapters: 00:00 – Introduction 00:45 – Challenge 1: A to B 03:31 – Challenge… Continue Reading Chinese New Year Special: MG6 XPower vs Lynk & Co. TCR Car Comparison! | Forza Horizon 5

Earlier today, Mike Brown (Of PG) annoucned that due to the great success of FH5 in China, they are releasing a new car pack with 4 Chinese car brands (MG included as its now owned by a Chinese company). This pack consists of the following 4 new cars – NIO… Continue Reading Forza Horizon 5 – China Car Pack – Official Trailer – 4 NEW CARS for Series 4 (Inc. MG)

Update: We successfully broke the stigma! From the original option of Suzuki XL7, Tita Chrissie decided to go for the Geely Okavango Urban! source

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