Support us and the channel on Paypal! Buying a car in China in China is tempting, but not the best idea. With the public transportation, and the nightmare traffic, it can be an insane idea. However, we have owned many vehicles in China, so we wanted to talk about… Continue Reading Should You Buy a Chinese Car?

Driving fails, instant karma, car crashes, and road rage videos featured in this episode are from China. This episode is created for educational purposes – watch and learn how to drive safely. Subscribe for epic compilations and more! This content doesn’t belong to Idiots Among Us, it is edited and… Continue Reading Car Crash Compilation 2022 | Driving Fails Episode #06 [China ] 中国交通事故2022

【Grow Fast , Go Far】 At Bamboor Chinese Language School, our mission is to help every Chinese learner to become a true “local speaker” of Chinese language. We focus on trending, interesting & inspirational topics. This video tells you how you can say the trending cars name in Chinese. 0:31… Continue Reading Top10 Best-Selling Car brands in Chinese /+PLUS 10 China Booming Domestic Cars