#ChinaCar #New Energy #Electric Vehicles If you want to buy a Chinese car and don’t know much about Chinese cars, then this video is for you to watch. Twenty years ago, China exported only 20,000 complete vehicles. Twenty years later, this figure has exceeded 2 million. China’s annual export volume… Continue Reading BYD? Geely? XPENG? The best Chinese car to buy in each price range

#ChinaCars #New Energy #Electric Vehicles On July 22, Volkswagen suddenly fired Diess, the current CEO, which shook the auto industry. To be honest, it is very strange that Volkswagen fired Diess, because Diess has always been a staunch proponent of Volkswagen’s electrification transformation. His departure signals that Volkswagen’s electrification is… Continue Reading The electrification of German and Japanese cars is blocked, Can Chinese cars replace them?