Support us and the channel on Paypal! Buying a car in China in China is tempting, but not the best idea. With the public transportation, and the nightmare traffic, it can be an insane idea. However, we have owned many vehicles in China, so we wanted to talk about… Continue Reading Should You Buy a Chinese Car?

TOP 10 Copycat Luxury Chinese Cars ! ! ! Subscribe to our New Channel Speed drive – ○Follow on Instagram – ○Follow on Facebook- – ??????????? ??? ???????????​​​​​ – ????? ??????? ???????? ????? – ??? ???????? ?????????’? – ???… Continue Reading TOP 10 Copycat Luxury Chinese Cars ! ! !

The Changan CS35+ is a modern car out of china! In this video, I detail the features and how it feels as a car, for me as a white man. You can subscribe to my channel here: ************************************************************************************************************* Visit my website to buy merchandise or read the blog. I… Continue Reading Is this a Good Chinese Car?

#chinesebrandcars, #carinchina, #chinatech, #chinaEV, #electricvehicleschina, #chinaquality I choose to drive a local Chinese Car, because they are very affordable, and quality is great. Yes China Cars are ok! I have driven several Chinese Brand cars, and never found any issue with them. Recent years have seen , China Brands excel… Continue Reading Chinese Brand Cars are Cool – EV's will soon rule the roads in China!

Hey guys, In this video I’ve shown you some of the Copycat Cars that are manufactured and sold in China. Enjoy 🙂 Don’t forget to share this with your friends 😉 Ignore tags: copycat cars,copy cars in china,cars,china,chinese cars,rolls royce copy in china,cars in china,chinese copycat cars,chinese copycat cars pictures,replica,chinese… Continue Reading COPYCAT CARS IN CHINA ! ! !

Which one is a Hummer and which one is the Chinese car Dongfeng Crazy Soldier?! Only an expert eye will be able to distinguish these 7 Chinese knockoffs from the originals. See how you fare on this episode of China Uncensored. Join the China Uncensored 50-Cent Army! Subscribe for… Continue Reading Top 7 Chinese Car Knockoffs | China Uncensored

Patreon: Although I do not own a car in China, while I have been living in America, I have noticed some trends about car buying here in China. Cars are a status symbol and give face or lose face depending on what brands are bought and how expensive they… Continue Reading The Chinese Don't Buy Chinese Cars

It’s a serious question! A lot has changed in the Chinese Automotive industry since I bought my Chinese car 8 years ago, come and find out if Chinese cars can now stand up to their international competition. The automotive industry in China has been the largest in the world measured… Continue Reading Are Chinese CARS Getting GOOD? Or still CRAP!?

Funny Chinese Knockoff Cars that are Better then the Real Thing, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Are Chinese knockoff cars any good? Copycat cars made in China. Fake Chinese cars that are made to look like expensive luxury cars. Living in China with ripoff cars. Chinese car manufacturing.… Continue Reading Funny Chinese Knockoff Cars that are Better Than the Real Thing