Car enthusiast have had it hard this past two years. With their babies tucked away in garages and under covers, join us as we uncover the veil and venture back out into the world. Stay tuned for the next part of the series as we explore how Malaysians prepare for… Continue Reading The Car Guy l Trapo Chinese New Year Ad 2022

Say meow to the new pussy cat in town! Great Wall Motor Malaysia recently previewed the fully-electric ORA Good Cat that is set to come later this year. Based on the the specs from Thailand where this particular of Good Cat is from, there are 3 variants with two different… Continue Reading ORA Good Cat electric car with 500km range, First Look – AutoBuzz

Torn jeans, late nights, and a pocket knife. What is Yen up to? Love drives us and yet it’s often misunderstood. Happy #ChineseNewYear from us at Taylor’s. Connect with us: Taylor’s Official Website…. Facebook… Instagram Twitter LinkedIn… #taylorsuniversity #risewiththebest #risetogether #taylorsphere #festivefilm #CNY #CNY2023 #chinesenewyear… Continue Reading Torn | CNY 2023