The Vietnamese version of Evergrande car has become a reality! Well, I have to say that Hui Ka Yan, the former richest man in China, was born at an untimely time. In Vietnam, a cutting-edge car brand called Vinfast calls itself “Vietnamese Tesla”. Not only has it dominated Vietnam’s electric… Continue Reading The Vietnamese version of Evergrande overtakes China and enters the US market?

#ChinaCar #New Energy #Electric Vehicles If you want to buy a Chinese car and don’t know much about Chinese cars, then this video is for you to watch. Twenty years ago, China exported only 20,000 complete vehicles. Twenty years later, this figure has exceeded 2 million. China’s annual export volume… Continue Reading BYD? Geely? XPENG? The best Chinese car to buy in each price range

Last year was an extremely prosperous year for China’s auto industry. Many Chinese car companies have successfully entered the international market, which has attracted the attention and vigilance of the world. BYD, which stood out last year, was called a Chinese electric car giant by foreign media. They even believed… Continue Reading Auto giant in China target big in the world! Will it be The First Chinese Auto Company In The USA?

#ChinaCars #New Energy #Electric Vehicles On July 22, Volkswagen suddenly fired Diess, the current CEO, which shook the auto industry. To be honest, it is very strange that Volkswagen fired Diess, because Diess has always been a staunch proponent of Volkswagen’s electrification transformation. His departure signals that Volkswagen’s electrification is… Continue Reading The electrification of German and Japanese cars is blocked, Can Chinese cars replace them?

When our products are competitive, we hope for free competition; when it is not competitive enough, we hope that policies will come out to protect them. Europe and the United States, which once held the banner of free trade, are no exception. After the US announced a subsidy of US$7,500… Continue Reading Without policy support, European cars will be defeated by China?

#ChinaAuto #NewEnergy #ElectricVehicles With the stalemate in Russia and Ukraine, the current economic situation in Russia is not going well, which is also directly reflected in their car sales. According to data, in July 2022, sales of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in Russia fell by an astonishing 74.9%… Continue Reading Despite the continued downturn in the Russian car market, Chinese car sales have grown strongly

#Musk #NewEnergy #ElectricVehicles Whenever someone praises Chinese-made cars for getting better and better, there will always be a voice saying that overseas markets are the real touchstone, and whether Chinese-made cars are excellent, you will know if you try them in overseas markets. In fact, this statement is not unreasonable.… Continue Reading China's auto export sales surge! But it's Tesla that gets the credit?