Polestar 1 – PRODUCTION (China Electric Car Factory). #POLESTAR #VOLVO #PRODUCTION. Polestar announces World Manufacturer Identifier and opens new Production Centre in China Polestar, the electric performance brand, today opens its first production facility, a key milestone for the rapidly growing car company. Polestar also announces its World Manufacturing Identifier,… Continue Reading Polestar 1 – PRODUCTION (China Electric Car Factory)

#China’s auto #New Energy #Electric Vehicles In the first half of 2022, China’s auto exports surged to 1,218,137 units, a year-on-year increase of 47.12%. Among them, new energy vehicles exported a total of 202,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 1.3 times, accounting for 16.6% of total auto exports. This figure… Continue Reading Car exports are soaring! Why do people still look down on Chinese cars?

#Russian #NewEnergy #electricvehicles A few days ago, I saw a Russian YouTuber saying:’ 20 years ago, when I mentioned Chinese cars in Russia, the first things come out of mind are all kinds of copycats. Russians think that Chinese cars are all one-offs and are of extremely poor quality. Now… Continue Reading All Chinese cars overnight? | BYD | Geely | GreatWall

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#ChinaNews #New Energy #Electric Vehicles When it comes to solar cars, you may think of Lightyear 0, which is the world’s first mass-produced solar car designed by the Dutch Lightyear Motor Company, and is expected to be mass-produced soon at a price of 1.76 million yuan. Recently, China has also… Continue Reading Chinese first pure solar car came out! What is its charm?

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#ChinaNews #New Energy #Electric Vehicles Since 2020, a trend in the auto market has become more and more obvious, that is, the rise of automobiles in China and the decline of joint venture vehicles. In the future, more and more joint venture car brands may withdraw from the Chinese market.… Continue Reading Eight auto brands are going to exit the Chinese market! Do you know which ones?