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Hey Guys, Here’s All You Need to Know About The 2021 NIO ET7. Check out complete review of interior, exterior design updates, features, new technology and other improvements in all trim levels of the refreshed. Thank you #NIO ??? What are your thoughts on this amazing electric sedan? Comment Below!… Continue Reading 2021 NIO ET7 Overview – A new Chinese electric car with a range of 600 miles

Technical information Price (Start): 720,000 Nok WLTP Range : 500 km Battery KW/H: 100 kw/h (106 gross) Engine KW – HP- NM: 360/490/650 Consumption 100 Km. : 17 (mixed) 18.1 kw/h (long distance) DC Fast Charge Cap. : 125 kW/h AC Charge : 11 kw/h Driveline : 4×4 Acceleration 0-100… Continue Reading Voyah FREE 2023 | All Electric New Chinese Car | Visual Review

#asneverseenb4 #supercars #conceptcars As Never Seen B4 takes you to the biggest car show in Southern Chinese City of Shenzhen. The International Auto Show 2019 also known as Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau International Auto Show was held from June 1-9, 2019. This years focus was EV (Electric vehicles) and… Continue Reading China Shenzhen International Auto Show 2019 (IAS 2019) Chinese EV Super Cars are coming!!

Hello, Here is the Chinese luxury car brand Hongqi E-HS9, inspired by Rolls Roys and its designer comes from the old Rolls Royce. The company, which produces cars for Toyota and VW in China, has many models with internal combustion. I would appreciate if you subscribe to my channel and… Continue Reading HONGQİ E-HS9 | Rolls Royce Inspired Chinese Luxury Electric Car | Visual Review!

The Nio EP9 is a Chinese electric-powered, two-seat sports car manufactured by Nio, assisted by their Formula E racing division. The name EP9 stands for Electric Performance 9. Developed and built in 18 months, the EP9 debuted at the Saatchi Gallery in London, England.[1] Six EP9s have been sold to… Continue Reading Nio EP9 , A Chinese electric-powered , Electric super cars, electric car