Car comparison tool:–auto/24625170/26557210/59051165/ Haval is a brand new brand on South African roads and we were afforded an early opportunity to test their first product to market: the H2 crossover. The brand is the luxury arm of GWM and the cars will initially be sold through those dealerships. In… Continue Reading Is this the best Chinese car in SA? Haval H2 Review

In a shocking turn of events, Maruti Suzuki has been revealed to have been the victim of a Chinese company copying their product even before it was launched. The car company, Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., is said to have copied the Maruti Suzuki Ignis completely, down to the smallest… Continue Reading Chinese Company Copied This Car Even Before Its Launch Maruti Suzuki Shocked | News About Automotive

This is a trailer for our off-road k-car build video which will be available next week. The voice of building a k-car size off-road vehicle has been getting louder since GWM launched the Tank300. But seems they had no such a plan for the near future. So we decided to… Continue Reading Best off-road k-car you car expect from Chinese manufacturers. #GWMTank #Tank100 #Tank300 #K-car

china is world largest automobile market but actually it is most worst market of world … they make copy of most popular cars of world and sell it in china at half price..lets discuss 15 copycat cars of china which will shock you.. #asy #cardrive #knowtoday source

Sa video na ito pagusapan natin kung tumatagal ba talaga ang china car. Does chinese car last long? In this video we try a china car with more than 100, 000 kms odometer reading. Does it still run ok? China cars are entering the Philippine Market, lets try the Changan… Continue Reading China car reliability. Tumatagal ba ang China car?