Alot of People Drive Less Than 30 km Per Day. We have found the Perfect New Car to Consider Seriously once Exports Begin. Wuling – Hong Guang MINI EV specs: #WulingGeneralMotorsSaic#MiniEV#TopChineseCars • Two battery/range options 120 km of range using 9.2 kWh battery $4 200 170 km of range using… Continue Reading This Awesome Chinese Car Costs Just $4 200 Brand New!

These GTA 5 Mods add Chinese Cars into GTA 5. Hongguang, VW Santana, BYD, BAIC and Hongqi tuning and stance in Single Player. Subscribe for MORE! » How to Install GTA 5 Mods: » Twitter: » Instagram: » Facebook: » Download the Wuling Hongguang S1 mod:… Continue Reading TUNING CHINESE CARS IN GTA 5!

This brand Wuling, you may have not heard of if you don’t live in China because they don’t currently export. That is simply because they can’t yet meet the domestic demand! In one month of 2021, they sold more cars than Tesla. They’re based in the city of Liuzhou, Guangxi… Continue Reading Chinese Electric Car Brands Will Take Over the World // 中国电动汽车品牌会占领世界

TOPICS: – China EV Inc, the unstoppable force? – Will the IRA give the US a fighting chance? – Chinese EV companies just off the radar to watch out for – The supply chain stranglehold – China Speed – China exports – How China influences Tesla PANEL: – Tu Le,… Continue Reading China’s EV Juggernaut Prepared For Global Domination – Autoline After Hours 634

AVTO MIR…. CHINESE CAR BRANDS CHINESE CAR BRANDS | CHINESE NEW CAR LOGOS Since 2009, the annual production of automobiles in China exceeds that of the European Union or that of the United States and Japan combined. China became the largest automobile market in the world. While most of the… Continue Reading CHINESE CAR BRANDS | CHINESE NEW CAR LOGOS

Chinese EV Invasion! The Electric Cars To Look Out For In 2021 (TESLA IN DANGER!?) The buzz around EVs is heavily focused on Tesla , which sells more EVs per hour than any other electric vehicle company in the world, and indeed more than BMW, VW and Renault put together.… Continue Reading Chinese EV Invasion! The Electric Cars To Look Out For In 2021 (TESLA IN DANGER!?)

China’s fast-growing electric vehicle market is the largest in the world. After a slump earlier this year, the sale of electric cars nationwide is gaining speed again. Chinese carmaker Wuling has overtaken Tesla as the top-selling electric vehicle in China. The brand is a joint venture with General Motors to… Continue Reading GM-Wuling tiny car overtakes Tesla to lead China's EV market

With its electric cars set to power ahead into the European market does the future of e-mobility belong to China? With brands like Nio and BYD, China already have shown they are a power in the EV market, So what can legacy brands like VW and rival Tesla do to… Continue Reading Why Germany Should Worry About China’s EV Expansion ??