Xiaopeng G3 give you 500kms on one charge, this cars is equipted with fast charging battery, 80 % of battery charge in 30 mins, company provide life time warrenty for battery, and 4 year warrenty for the rest of car..presently the car price is from 180,000 Yuan to 200,000 Yuan… Continue Reading XiaoPeng Electric Car Specfication and Review |2019|Chinese Car

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I have bought my first car in China – and its electric (of course). The Xpeng G3 (or Xiaopeng G3 520) is a new electric SUV and one of the three main players in the new EV space in China (between NIO, Weltmeister and Xpeng). Before I do the full… Continue Reading Buying an EV Car in China – Xpeng G3 520 – How to save 20K USD! Bought on my phone in 90 seconds…

Auto sales have started to recover in China as the shortage of semiconductors used in vehicles eases, despite supplies still being tight overall. The China Securities Journal is reporting that many interviewed buyers can now purchase most of popular models on the spot from dealerships, and that waiting times for… Continue Reading Signs of global chip shortage seen easing as China's auto sales start to recover

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