That’s right: The most impressive new car I’ve driven so far this year is the XPeng P7. No, I’d never heard of XPeng or its P7 sedan until a few months ago, either. To be clear, the XPeng P7 isn’t a world beater in terms of its design, performance, or… Continue Reading The Chinese XPeng P7 Is the Most Impressive New Car I've Driven This Year

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With mainstream consumer acceptance and government support, China’s electric car sector is booming. In this video we will show you the top 5 electric vehicles in full detail, and explain why everyone is waiting for these particular cars: 0:17 Byton M-Byte 2:16 Lynk&Co Zero / Zeekr 001 3:58 Xpeng P7… Continue Reading Top 5 Chinese Electric Cars to Look Out For in 2022