The 3 Chinese EV unicorns compared; NIO, Li Auto & Xpeng

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24 thoughts on “The 3 Chinese EV unicorns compared; NIO, Li Auto & Xpeng”

  1. Thanks for acknowledging the western media has an anti China agenda and will not be truthful about anything that relates to viewing China or Chinese policies in a positive light. Thanks for your great work in explaining the Chinese EV market in an objective manner without subscribing to any particular ideology and just reviewing cars and tech for what they are and not who is producing it

  2. It’s a shame that Li’s SUV is not a pure EV. It’s a beautifully made SUV. Don’t know why they felt they had to slap a gas engine on there! ?

  3. China has seen the puppet Biden lie point blank on TV. They know he is in the pocket of big oil/unions. So in affect, he has given China a green light by showing he is not paying attention to the world or his own country. He is100% corrupted. Now they can justify spending whatever it takes to put their EV industry in full dominance. With the payoffs they already did with the Biden family, no doubt they will push a button and any tariffs on Chinese Evs will disappear. That's our guy. The Front.

  4. Dude, NIO is aiming for 200k this year and you predict 300k for 2025? NIO will deliver at least 1M in 2025. Your research and analysis sucks.

  5. XPENG Motors, the China-based electric vehicles manufacturers, has become the first Chinese EV company to enter Sweden. This marks the second European market for the company after entering Norway.

  6. When you speak fast you are either lying or guessing.
    Also I wish you would stop reading lists. Put up a graphic of the model names. Saying them means nothing when we can't keep up because we need to process the new words.
    Maybe you should stop suggesting buying stocks. You have no disclaimer stating you are not an advisor.

  7. Sam, people are dying for Omercrom!! Yes, you might not have had a bad time but it is as bad as the original Covid 19. That killed hundreds of thousands!! Just because you and your friend didn't die doesn't make it less dangerous to others. Stick to your topics because you don't know shit about viruses.

  8. Nio has new factory that should be done this year. Xpeng has a new suv that looks amazing. China is moving at incredible speed.

  9. Nio is the best EV out there customer services excellent no-one's in their league in EV in customer services thay will take sale off Tesla this year in China. Lot off tesla move to a nio as on YouTube thay say it a better EV the video are out there if you look. Nio hold the world speed record for driverless EV round a track in Europe. There a Colombian guy drive a nio with a caravan on the back round China on YouTube he not pay to chargers battery as he do a good deal when he bought his car. You need to do a video on Nio customer service it the best

  10. Don’t be fooled by these figures! It’s a smoke screen!
    When people start buying these “things” they will soon realise their mistake when everything starts to fail!
    Never ever buy the ”first” of anything! Especially rushed out products!

  11. Love your show, but just one piece of friendly advice. PLEASE get help on pronouncing Chinese. Not only does your mispronunciation hurt my ears greatly, but it is often unclear to what you are referring.

  12. Subsidies caused an over production in EV’s knowing that they would be removed. I agree that February will be slow but I don’t see it picking up in March.

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