The 7 car companies that made the most EV’s in the world in 2022

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49 thoughts on “The 7 car companies that made the most EV's in the world in 2022”

  1. Mary who ??? Wrong : China is not taking the car business worldwide, China is taking ALL manufacturing businesses worldwide ! PV panels, batteries, cars, computers, smartphones, headsets, mice, keyboards, tablets, drills, cameras, eye contact lenses & glasses, TV sets, fridges, monitors… WHAT IS NOT BEING MANUFACTURED IN CHINA????

  2. Soon enough, we will see western countries start to find excuses over Chinese EV car manufacturers by sanctioning them. Anyone wanna bet? Cause their share of cake has been cut!

  3. The only car I commonly hear people considering as a top two car purchase is TESLA and then some random brand, nothing is consistent. I mean, everyone I know. Hockey parents, soccer parents, business acquaintances, customers, employees and now family members and friends. It’s literally insane.

    I live in the Midwest in the United States. People love these cars. There is no clear second place. It’s a scramble of sorts.

  4. Electric cars are mobile phones. BYD is Samsung. Tesla is Apple. BYD will likely sell more BEVs (and more BEV models) than Tesla in the near term. Tesla will likely retain the lion's share of EV market profits for the foreseeable future.

  5. BYD is shipping their own BEVs with their own Blade batteries, and their own chips, from their own 6 Chinese BEV factories, in their own 8 cargo ships! They are on a mission which won't remain a secret much longer.

  6. So you are saying that the moment anyone fits a gasoline engine in one example of a vehicle, all the rest of those vehicles that don't have gas engines are no longer EVs? With that logic, since some people fitted gas engines to Teslas, Teslas are no longer EVs either!

    Disqualifying pure EVs from the list because the same car is also sold as a PHEV is just crazy…. sure, don't count sales of the PHEV version — but don't ignore sales of the EV version of those cars early in the video – and thus promote the vehicles above the BYD Song which sold over 180,000 pure EV from within its over 400,000 total sales …. but then later in the video count those same sales of the pure EV Song in the BYD total?

    The videos seem to be descending into pure clickbait deliberately being deceptive in order to troll, and not caring about spreading disinformation.

  7. In this single quarter – 18% may be right if you include the PHEVs. If you don't it is more like 4-6% depending if you count mini EVs. 100 million light vehicles are made annually. Now you did say Cars, by which you seem to mean sedans; which would up the percentages; but in the USA, Canada and others light trucks and SUVs outsell sedans significantly.

  8. Lol, yes GM and Mary are knocking it out of the park. If you believe that you should probably work at your cognitive reasoning skills. Sadly most in America today do not take the time to think things through and seem literally brainwashed by the media. They don't seem to care if its true only that it gets air time. One really has to wonder about TV's influence have you ever observed people watching an intense moment on TV they just sit there speechless, motionless, and don't seem to be engaging in any critical thinking at all just abortion maybe it works why else would they spend millions on their ads?

  9. Do not forget that BYD is not just a car company but is also very big in buses and in batteries…not to mention BYD Electronics.

    Sidenote: check out Sany and Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.

  10. Once again Sam falsifies the operation of the US IRA legislation in the last few sentences of his vlog narrative. The Tesla model Y and the Mustang Mach-E absolutely meet the formal requirements to qualify for the tax credit. But MSRP caps still apply – not all vehicles that satisfy the formal requirements for the IRA credit will actually get it, or rather a vehicle that satisfies the substantive conditions governing the availability of the credit still must not exceed the defined MSRP cap for that type of vehicle – USD$55,000 for the Tesla model Y and the Mach-E both of which are passenger vehicles. If the MSRP exceeds that relatively modest number then under the current act there is no consumer credit for the buyer and no corresponding government subsidy covering part of the selling price of the vehicle for the vendor. That is as it should be – this is about propelling major changes in industry and in the behaviour of the bulk of the (tax paying) public. It is not a matter of providing support for car buyers with expensive tastes.

    So, the MSRP of a passenger vehicle gets set at this relatively low threshold because the point of these programs isn't to support the acquisition of expensive luxury goods with public money but rather to impart a shift in the automotive market, via subsidies, towards electrified transport (or, I am sorry to say, useless hybrids too, because the overly accommodating architects of these schemes evidently think they have to save the necks of the entrenched factions resisting change while the genuine agents of change push electrification along by prolonged and intensive efforts to that end and for their troubles get allocated benefits similar to the change resistant legacy automakers that merely go through the motions by turning out hybrids – while steadily turning in subsidy claim forms – to prove that they are doing their bit to further change in the automotive sphere).

    Instead of directing all of his invective against the wrong-headed support of subsidised purchasing of hybrid vehicles Sam ends up confusing matters by advocating for subsidies on expensive EV passenger vehicle models that aren't needed.

    While Sam is right that the distinction between the 5 seat (passenger vehicle) model Y and 7 seat (SUV) model Y is rather stupid he misses the sound justification for a higher MSRP tier on vehicles that have additional commercial possibilities in addition to moving passengers around. The electrification of small commercial vehicles (or vehicles that can used to do commercial work) is an urgent task on the long list of jobs that will eventually deliver the complete electrification of road transport (probably including all trucking). And, it is a task that comes at a higher cost than the electrification of (modest) passenger vehicles. So, the justification for the higher MSRP cap on vehicles in this class is rather obvious.

  11. From very early days Elon has said that Tesla cannot handle the transition to electric cars by themself. Only with help from other car manufacturers could the transition to EV's be possible. So if BYD or another company exceeds Tesla with sales that isn't really a big deal for Tesla. It's the transition to EV's and sustainable energy that is important to Elon.

  12. 647,000 Teslas…and Toyota sold 10,500,000 ICE vehicles…so the best E.V. company doesn't even come close to the amount of ICE vehicles made by just one company. That should tell you that the chairman of Toyota was right…"E.V.'s are a fad"

  13. Is it GOP or Dems who want to keep Tesla out of subsidies? (I know its some rulemaking department, but everything they do is political.)

  14. You are really wrong when you say that Byd sells in Europe, for information Byd only sells in Norway which is in theory not even part of the European Union.

    I think that the idea that Byd will crush Tesla hurts you and that's why you hide a good part of the reality.

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